Thursday, July 14, 2005

Random Notes

First of all, I'd like to say HA HA FREAKIN' HA to all those people who said "the NHL lockout is going to go into next season." A deal is officially (well it will be official next week at the Board of Governors meeting) done. That means puck time in October. That means draft time in a few weeks and free agency (after to years of having none) and all the trade-rumors and speculation that comes with it in just over a month. Wonderful isn't it?

Secondly, I'd like to say HA HA FREAKIN' HA to all those people who thought I was an idiot for talking about the Mr. Tater Head guy who has a Darth Vader accessory line. Some people thought I was crazy because (after searching for one for months) we couldn't find a store that carried it. Well stick this in your pipe and smoke it! Pictured below is MY VERY OWN Darth Tater brought to your courtesy of Heather Hill and the folks at Target in Winchester. Darth Tater is pictured posing in front of my CD rack and beside the house plant given to me by Miss Margaret Broderick of Hampshire High School when I was a wee lad in only 10th grade. (for the record, the plant was doing really well and got HUGE for a while, but then died of to only a stub, now it seems to be bouncing back!)

the force is strong with this tater Posted by Picasa
Thirdly, I am ready for school to start back. The mini-vacation we had planned is now in jeopardy due to a problem with some of the sub-contractors' scheduling to be at a job we're trying to finish up on the day we were planning to sneak away for a long weekend. Everybody pray for me that we get a day off and a couple of days away.
Fourthly (more seriously), God Bless Great Britain. I hope the Brits wake up and take their country back from the terrorists: Brits, do NOT give it to the political left who would have you try to bring the terrorists to justice by counseling them and blaming George W. Bush.
Fifthly (and just for good measure) God Bless American, too!


At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Heathie said...

I'm glad you like your Darth Tater!!! I am going to call you tonight and I hope you are home!! I miss you buddy!!


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Richpoo said...

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