Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Spineless UN

Perhaps the United Nations should use the product of a stem cell to grow themselves a spine!

NEW YORK -- A divided U.N. General Assembly, in a victory for
the Bush administration, yesterday urged governments to ban all human cloning,
including the cloning of human embryos for stem-cell research.

Capping four years of contentious debate, the assembly
voted 84-34, with 37 abstentions, to approve a nonbinding statement on cloning.
Thirty-six members were absent from the 191-member assembly.
Many Islamic nations were among those abstaining, on grounds
there was no U.N. consensus on the hot-button issue of whether stem-cell
research was a valid medical pursuit or the destruction of human life.
Opponents said the text was not legally
binding and would have no impact on their scientists' pursuit of stem-cell
Initially I was thrilled to hear this--the headlines looks as if the UN was moving to make a resolution which has some moral fiber and shows a little ethical fortitude, but alas, they are not. Rather than saying "we are going to tell you no" they are saying, "we are going to tell you, maybe you really shouldn't..."
I'm tired of this spineless approach to everything. Listen here UN--take a damn stand on something and actually mean it. "Iraq, you can't have weapons of mass destruction." "OK, Iraq, we don't want you to have weapons of mass destruction." "Iraq, maybe you shouldn't have WMD's." "OK, we'd really rather you didn't have them." "Ok, you can have them if we don't know about them." This is BS.
And as for you President Bush, I suppose that you are just happy they did something semi-right, which, in the case of the UUN (Useless United Nations) is a good thing, I hope you don't plan to pretend that this is acceptable. Saying something is 'bad' is much different than saying it is evil, unethical, wrong and that it will NOT be accepted.
Then again, what if they had said it wouldn't be accpeted? We'd spend 12 years debating about whether we should punish those who break the rules anyway so I guess it doesn't matter.
If you want to see a good description of just what I think about all of this (embryotic research cloning etc.) you've got to see the Christopher Reeves South Park episode. It's great!
By the way, is anyone suprised that it's militant Islamic nations that won't even say its bad? Yea, me neither...
TODAY'S MORAL: If you ever encounter something that you think is wrong, save yourself the time of having to defend you beliefs by just acting like that UN and saying "We believe it's wrong but we're not going to tell you you can't do it." Wussies.


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