Sunday, February 27, 2005

So Pointless I Can't Even Give This a Title

I sat down this morning with the intent of lighting into Mr. Spencer and Mr. Williams (yet again) for their (yet again) increasingly intolerant, factless, baseless assessment of who I am (which can be read at the xanga site. send me a note if you need/want the address). I took a break to get some coffee (essential to the functionality of my human brain). As I journeyed back from the kitchen, I decided that it's just not worth my time.

Nothing that I can say this morning would be new. I have justified, clarified, mapped out and shown exactly 'what I believe and why I believe it' on just about everything. There is nothing more that I could possibly say that hasn't been said before. Even if I had taken the time to explain, for the 3rd or 4th time, what I believe and why I believe it, the words would have been skimmed through and not thoroughly read. Then, small segments would have been chopped and pasted and regurgitate by either one of these fine, upstanding young citizens of the world to make me look like an evil person.

Look guys, if you want to say I'm a fat (thanks Ross, that was really a needed statement. By the way, I don't like fast food--I like a good cup-cake from time to time, but you can keep the fast food) racist, fascist freak who is neither conservative nor Christian then go for it. That is your God given (stop, I'm sorry--that is your Emerson given) right. You can think whatever you want to think of me.

I am not going to continue to worry myself with your assessment of who I am. I've said it before, now let me say it again--if you don't like who I am, what I stand for or the fact that I voice it, then by all means, STOP READING THIS. Just stop. It's not hard. I know that I am essential to most people, but you CAN FIGHT THE ADDICTION. Go to a clinic or something. They'll put you through a detox program to help take you off the Jeff. It'll be ok kids, I know you can do it.

I'm finished with you. Go read your Emersons and your Whitmans, write your little poems, eat your vegetables, whatever you want to do. Just leave me out of it.

PS- Mr. Spencer, I'm sorry that you didn't get to fight for your country and I will apologize for the statement I never made about you not defending your country. I think if you had been sent to Iraq to see the good we have done, you may have turned out to be a decent human being. As for me, thank you Mr. Williams, for pointing out that I can't join the military unless they make a jumbo camo blanket that I can wrap around my enormous, unbelievably large body.


At 7:58 PM, Anonymous Casey Renee said...

Jeff...I read the whole thing now. I'm not educated enough to say anything except that Ross made some personal attacks that didn't need to be thrown...especially since I thought you guys had made "peace" with one another a while back...maybe I missed something. I hope that you didnt' take that personal comment to heart. You know what I think of you...i dont need to say it again b/c you never listen anyway..but just remember, even if it doesn't help.


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