Tuesday, February 08, 2005

'The Darkside Clouds Everything'

This famous phrase from one of the greatest philosophers of our time--fictional and non alike--is one of my favorites of all time. While Yoda used it to describe his inability to see deep into the future thus predicting what would happen to Luke's friends in Cloud City, I think it is particularly applicable to today's political left.

While it would be easy to assume that 'darkside' refers directly to liberalism, it does not. Instead, it refers to a faction of liberals who have made it a daily drive to see who can hate President Bush more. This group of hateful liberals is that same group that no longer wants to be referred to as 'liberal' (because they're really not) but instead as 'progressive.' Well folks, you're not progressive either.

This weeks installment of "Dem Fightin' Words" in the Picket was all about the evils of Bush's social security reform. While the writer shows that he understands there is a "major problem" it, he says, is "not on a crisis level" and Bush's use of these terms is only to 'further scare the American public.' Knowing that Social Security is in danger, though, is not reason enough, according to this column, to follow Bush's plan. However, the column has no idication of how to better the program either.

The biggest excuse the anti-Bush folks use to justify the hatred of this proposal is that "social security is just fine.' Obviously this is not true. They are also quick to proclaim that it would cost more to invest in personal savings accounts than it would to 'put the money back (I missed the part where Bush established cuts on these FICA taxes) into the current system.' Absolutely, folks, lets poor billions-- no, no trillions--into a system that doesn't work and hasn't worked and is doomed to die.

Aside from the fact that anybody with a calculator and the figures on social security can sit down and show that at the rate we're going, we'll be spending well over what is going into the system, who is the proposed plan really hurting? Nobody. Everybody will still be putting in a portion of their money, and those who wish to stay on the current system can. All this does is provide an OPTION--but then isn't that what they're afriad of?

In the quest to 'socialize' (AKA marxisize) our 'Capitalist Pig Nation' the libs must first assure that every aspect of life is in the control of the national government. Because that's what they like--absolute power. You may ONLY invest in their system and therefore only THEY can determine what you receive.

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

Before we know it we are going to be a nation controlled by Big Brother. I can see it now--a massive screen with Howard Dean's crazy eyes staring you right in the face--as you go to look behind the curtain, he'll scream, "and then you're not going to look behind the curtain YAAAA." You'll be brave, though, and as you pull the curtain away you'll find a wrinkled up, barely alive corpse of Ted Kennedy. Of course Hillary and Bob Byrd will be in there too!

The bottom line is this: personalized social security accounts are great ideas. Frankly, anything that gets the government out of my face is just fine.

TODAYS MORAL: it's only ok to be progressive if you progress in the direction subscribed to you by the leftest control freaks. Just like it's only ok to have free speech if you speak in their favor. The left have real ego problems and need the help of Dr. Phil.


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