Monday, January 31, 2005

A Not-So-Liberal Left?

When asking the Average American just what is meant by, "liberal" v. "conservative" must people's response would probably be the same: liberals are open to change, conservatives are resistent to change. While this has been an accurate way of defining the basic difference in viewpoints for a long time, I think that, perhaps, it's time to update that definition because it just doesn't fit anymore.

Example: Liberals are resistent to change in abortion policies. Americans, even democrats such as Hilary Clinton, are ready for change. We are tired of abortion on demand, no regulation etc. etc. As conservatives march forward with legislation to curb the Murder-Market, liberals demand that we stop change and maintain our current practice allowing on demand murder.

The bigger example, though, is in Social Security. Today's Washington Times article only further proves this truth. The article explains that while most Americans are ready for something more inline with the Presidents upcoming policy, which he plans to present in Wednesdays State of the Union Address, the democratic leadership in Congress and in the DNC plan to "stop Bush cold" despite growing support for the plan even amongts the democratic base. When will the "people's party" return to the people?

The DNC needs to stop this. If Bush were to come out tomorrow and say, "Howard Dean is my best friend. You should all vote for him in 2008," the DNC would say, "Stop Bush cold-Anybody But Dean." Even when it is in the best interest of the DNC and it's democratic base, the DNC just can't put petty differences aside to best serve its support group.

Party of the people? I think not.


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