Saturday, February 19, 2005

The So-Called 'Umbrella of Understanding'

I'm not sure who this Matt Spencer fellow from xanga is, but apparently I have done something to upset him. I'm not sure what or how, but I have, apparently, truly upset him. Thank goodness he is a typical liberal who preaches understanding (that understanding, though, stops if you are a Christian or a conservative--apparently you just aren't worth being understood if you aren't black, Muslim, female, seeking an abortion, burning flags or you're not Ward Churchill talking about how the victims of 9/11 deserved to die). Since I'm a white male Christian Conservative I am not covered by the Umbrella of Understanding and therefore I am fair game to any intolerant statements he wishes to make. The following was left on the old Xanga site:

Radical right born again ignorant racists like yourself would give any religion
a bad name. Your far out ideas are not truer understanding, they are misguided
hate mistranslated by immaturity and the mold your horrible upbringing couldn't
break. What's bad isn't that you aren't at all what real Conservatism is, but
that your parents gave you such a shining example for you to emulate and
continue the spawning of our societies stigma. America would be a great nation
if we didn't have your likes tarnishing every bit of progress we make. I hope
you grow old and face irreversible regret and shame for the wrongs you have
done. I can not wait until the world completely evolves around you and evelops
all of your kind as true justice takes place.
Posted 2/18/2005 at 2:33 PM by MatthewMSpencer

I'd just like to address a few things here:
Firstly- I never claimed to have a 'truer understanding.' I go to Church on Sunday, read the Bible and pray regularly hoping that, someday, I might have a 'truer' understanding. It is not your place, Mr. Spencer, to decide whether my understanding of a religion you obviously hate is accpetable or not.
Secondly, I have very good parents. I mean, I'm not out drinking and doing drugs. I don't speed. I go to Church (this is the reason you, Mr. Spencer, see my parents as being bad. It's evil to impose moral goodness on a child isn't it? It would have been better if Mom had just gone and gotten one of the famous liberal 'abortions on demand' eh).
Thirdly, we wouldn't even have America if it weren't for people like me. I'm not saying that I have done much, if anything, to save America, but people who think like I do have protected this country day in and day out. You think that wars to defend this nation are won by saying, "now guys, hold on, lets think about it--I mean we can really sit down and make a chart of all the bad things you've done and all the bad things we've done and work it out." Let me give you a clue, sir. While you are reaching for you little notepad to 'jot down the bads for groups mediation' the enemy would say, "Holy crap--this is dumb' and shoot you in the face. You keep preaching the evils of Christianity and we (Christian Conservatives and others with brains) will continue to protect you from the scum you so love.
Fourthly, this doom day you are hoping for that, you say, will bring the death of the Christian Conservatives isn't coming. I'm sorry (actually that's a complete lie, I'm thrilled) to be the one to tell you--but it's not coming. Perhaps you are unaware of the fact that enrollement in school with a strong religions background are up almost double from five years ago. Why? Because of people like you. The normal people in our generation are tired of YOU being the mouthpiece for people like US. It's very much the truth that "those who know the least talk the most" and you and you're type haven't shut up since your yuppie parents were old enough to take the microphone. You're reign is nearly over.
On a final note, I'd just like to ask what took you so long?! I mean, you little mini-sermon about my evil religion is clearly a respones to my piece on the evils of Islam which I wrote well over a month ago.
TODAY'S MORAL: Once again, here we are talking about how un-understanding these so called "accepting liberals" really are. As per usual, I am under fire from another ultra-lefty with access to a computer. One day, if we're lucky, they'll learn to just shut up--doubt that will happen.
PS- An extra thanks to one "Sissy Willis" for supporting my dislike of "unwanted naked bottoms in the lunch line."


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