Monday, March 14, 2005

'Or Is It Too Little Too Late?!'

It is no mystery where I stand on the usefullness of the United Nations. I believe without a doubt that the UN is one of the single most useless organizations in the world. The bloated egos of UN leadership has lead this group of mouthy elitists to lose sight of stopping evil-doers in order to fatten their own wallets, allowing evil people to land in positions of power which perpetuate their evil tendancies resulting in needless violence, rape and other inhumane acts which run in complete contradiction to the goals of the United Nations. As the rest of the world opens its eyes to these autrocities, the United Nations is now attempting to scrape together some dignity in order to prevent a complete loss of faith from the world community which would lead to its destruction.

U.N. reaches out to win back middle America

The United Nations is out of touch with most Americans, who think the beleaguered organization has abandoned its mission to keep peace and protect human rights around the world, says U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's chief of staff.

"In a very real way, we seem to have lost touch with the great middle in America, a middle which very much believes in the aspirational ideas of the U.N. ... and who feel that we've drifted away from a commitment to human rights, a commitment to help the poor of the world," Mark Malloch Brown said yesterday.

The United Nations is under fire for several scandals including the oil-for-food program, charges of sexual abuse by U.N. peacekeeping forces and the resignation of a top official accused of sexual harassment, which Mr. Malloch Brown addressed in an exclusive interview with "Fox News Sunday."

The organization will propose changes in the coming weeks to begin repairing its reputation by revamping its “human rights machinery” to keep dictator nations off the U.N. Human Rights Commission. Governments making up the current membership include Cuba, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Saudi Arabia. Libya is the outgoing chair of the committee.

The plan would “try and restore the credibility of this and have people on that commission who really are people of stature and reputation and record and come from countries of the same thing, with real human rights standing in the world,” Mr. Malloch Brown said.

Regardless of any changes to repair the United Nations’reputation, the organization still must deal with several investigations by Congress that are focused on billions of dollars missing from the oil-for-food program, and on whether Mr. Annan’s son, Kojo, is involved.
Some lawmakers have called for Mr. Annan to resign. Mr. Malloch Brown dismissed the congressional criticism and said ”most of the world” stands by Mr. Annan and that his resignation would be tantamount to “inappropriate political assassination.”
The world does not “look at him as responsible for these problems. They look at it as a lack of support from governments in general, and that’s what we need to fix,” Mr. Malloch Brown said.

The U.N. official called reports of widespread sexual exploitation of children in the Congo by U.N. peacekeepers and officials, and sexual misconduct in Burundi, Haiti and Liberia “devastating.”

“It’s a terrible set of allegations — that peacekeepers sent to keep the peace in poor, weak countries with vulnerable people who have not been able to have their rights protected for years — that some of them behave in this way. I mean, it completely undercuts our mission, and we recognize that,” he said.

This report is..shocking? No. Suprising? No. A preview of what the UN will do to fix the problem? No. Too little too late? Probably.
I know that I may be seen as a crankly old man who doesn't believe any real change will ever happen, but what proof do we have that anything aside from a complete 'house cleaning' will fix these problems? NONE!!
The UN has yet to do anything in my life time to show that they are a functioning organization which serves its purpose. I cannot believe for one minute that real change will come.
Aside from my doubt, I have a few other problems with this article. First of all,"a commitment to human rights" is not a "commitment to help the poor of the world." Wealth is not an inalianable right protected by the American goverment--or any world government. It is disgusting to even put the two side-by-side. Not driving a car is much different than the right to not be raped, murdered, tortured, abused--and I'm just talking about the activities of UN 'peacekeepers' in the Sudan!! Until people understand that wealth redistribution (which is what this statement is in support of. It is a platform for a global tax which is at attempt to redistribute wealth) will not end all evils, human rights will continue to be violated. I understand that the UN has an obligation to help poor folk in the world (poor as in unable to buy food, drink, shelter etc.) but poor folk and folk who are having their human rights violated can be, and often are, seperate things. This is so frustrating.
Secondly, I would urge the UN and the leadership of Mr. Annan to reconsider their position on the importance of the Congressional investigation. If they want to 'touch base' with the 'American middle' they need to recognize that we put OUR government before THEIRS. If OUR government says that there is a big problem with the UN, while THEY are saying everything is fine, WE as AMERICANS will believe that there is a big problem. That is waht seperates the majority of 'middle America' from those who love the UN. We have a NATIONAL identity, we love AMERICA-- that's not to say we don't love the world, but we love AMERICA more. Shut your mouth Mr. Annan. Without America's government there would be no UN.
Finally, what does it mean that the leadership is not to blame, but instead that there wasn't full support of 'governments in general.' How is any government supposed to have faith in an organization which doesn't enforce its own rules? Which takes from the rich (countries) to give to the rich (UN leaders)? Which sends 'peacekeepers' which rape and abuse? The problems with the UN have nothing to do with support of government, except to say that governments around the world should have ended their support of this dying organization long ago.
Any and all action will be too little too late!! The UN should be disbanded RIGHT NOW!!


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