Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Unfair and Unbalanced

I got my first preview today of what I'm sure is going to be a...uh...tolerable History 103 'History of Civilization: French Revolution to Today' class taught by somebody who, if today is an accurate preview of days to come, is going to drive me completely nuts with his very unfair, unbalanced account of how yestarday stacks up with today.

Three times he (nearly) put down Christianity. He did it so lightly, though, that I cannot yet tell if he is serious, or if he's just a bit strange. He also compared the "War in Iraq" to Vietnam twice. Neither of these things, though, bothered me quite as much as one particular statement which may (or may not) have been said innocently. The statement went rougly as follows:

"Although no religion tries to become dominent over another today--that is, there is little killing based strictly on religions ties--this was not the case during the late 17 and early 1800's. Christianity, and Islam to a lesser extent, ruled all aspects of life. You were expected to do as your Christian leader, who received his/her power straight from the Lord and therefore had 'devine right,' without question."

Now, while this, to an extent, may be true, let us not forget that today there is a religion which attempts to completely destroy anything not in direct submission to it. This religion, often confusingly called a "Religion of Peace" is more deadly, ruthless and grusome than Christianity ever was--dare I say even at the height of the Inquisition or during the Crusades. This religion has no problem with strapping a couple of sticks of dynamite onto a young child and sending him off to die for Allah. No thought, aside from the exact plan of attack, was giving to crashing two airplanes into the World Trade Center killing thousands of innocents. Few leaders of the Religion have come out to denounce the beheading of Westerners in Iraq. It is disgusting that this continues and people say nothing about it in relation to Islam. It is time that we all stop playing "PC" (politically correct) games with this and say it--Islam is evil. It is. That's all there is to it. How Christianity can continuously be talked about in such a manner is beyond me. I cannot for a momment undetstand how we, a majority, are bad for even suggesting that maybe we should be allowed to speak of our God or our Saviour. Shame on us. Our "fundamentalists," even at their worst, have yet to cut off and heads, crash any planes, strap dynamite to a child, or declare 'Holy War' under any circumstance. Sometimes, though, I have to wonder if now is the time for Christians to do just that--declare our own Holy War.

Islamic Holy war is war of Attrition. Submit or Die. There is not compromise. There never has been. There never will be. We, I think, have played 'D' for too long. There's a saying that, "the best defense is a good offense," and I think that it may be time for us to adopt this old saying. It's time that we launch a full scale offensive to win the hearts and minds of the people. If we Christians don't stand up and fight, there isn't going to be any where left for us.

TODAY'S MORAL: Apparently it is ok to kill, maim, brainwash or question other religions if you practice Islam. Now, while this attack on Dr. Henrikson may be a bit pre-emptive, I think it's important to discuss anyway. I don't know if I can sit back and play the 'guilty Christian' role any more. Were things done in the past that maybe shouldn't have been? Yes! Absolutely. Christianity was perverted and distorted and used like an old tissue. However, we are not the only religion to do this, and we have, I think, seen the problem with our practice. To say that there is a problem with Islam (that's right, Islam--not 'fundamentalists' not 'extremists'--just Islam) is a sin in this Country--of course, aborting the innocent, supporting homosexual lifestyles, etc. etc. isn't--and I think it's a crying shame. Take up arms my fellow Christians because like it or not, we are at war!


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