Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I Just Can't Keep a Promise...

I know I said I probably wouldn't be back until after break ended, but hell, I just can't keep promises.

People are just so damn annoying. I was on my friend Casey's blog today, and I just started going down her blogroll to other people's sites just to see what was going on with people whom I have known for a long time, but have perhaps never befriended. They are all still annoying jerks.

Take this one particular person, for example--shall we call her Frederica? Frederica has the audacity to criticize me constently for being just a stupid, bad person--yet her entire blog is a chronicle of her drinking episodes. Wow, true enlightenment.

Another person whom I have never cared for--shall we call him John,--is also still just as obnoxious as ever. This person is new at 'blogging.' He, being an obnoxious, mouthy, non-believer, is using his blog for criticizing faith, and all those who have it. Shame on you, John, shame on you.

Sometimes people like Ann Coulter, whose new book is currently captivating me, truly annoy me because they are so bluntly upfront with their hatred of liberals and all that they stand for. This annoyance and questioning of my own beliefs that comes with it is short lived, though, because I soon find myself face to face with one of the ultra liberals that cause the Ann Coulters of the world to behave this way. It is very hard to defend the ultra-obnoxious Fredricas and the mega intolerant Johns of the world. It is very hard to feel bad for them. It's very hard to NOT jump on the 'Coulter-bandwagon' and just light into these morons.

Today's Moral: In Coulter's new book How to Talk to a Liberal (if you must), she describes the 10 tips on combating liberalism. She explains that you can never, EVER feel sorry for them. Feeling sorry for them will never work, because it forces you to put your guard down and as soon as you do, they pounce on you. This is extremely true. I have learned in my short life and my even shorter experience in dealing with these people, that allowing them to pull on your heart-strings does NOT give you perspective into their sick twisted world, nor does it make you a good person. Instead, it allows THEM to simply get close enough to your heart to jab a red-hot poker in it. It is important that we conservatives continue to fight them tooth and nail now more than ever without giving one single inch. The fate of the world depends on it.


At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the new names you've come up. Greatness.

I was wondering if you'd pick up that book by Ann Coulter...I thought about it as a present for you.

Sorry to hear you're leaving Xanga behind, but I understand.

By the way...Coffee Shop, 9 a.m. next week. See ya then.


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