Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Typical Liberal

I thought with the beginning of school I would have a little more time to post. If, however, the past three days have been an indicator of just how this semester is going to be, I probably won't have time to scratch my butt, let alone to write a post.

Thus far my classes have been far from great. My American History prof. is the most boring individual I think I have ever met, my education instructor is a 'touchy-feely' weirdo, my World Lit. prof is far from entertaining, and my Geography teacher is a typical liberal, which I will discuss in greater depth shortly.

I don't for one minute, though, want to make it sound all bad. My Economics professor is hilarious and seems well read in the riveting subject of Economics. He explains nearly everything in relation to 'pizza,' 'beer,' bourbon, or some combination there of. Even so I think I'm going to enjoy the class.

My Intro to Psyc professor, Dr. Joe Merz, is similar to another 'Joe' we've all heard of: Joe Pesci. He is roughly 5'4" tall, skinny and looks quite similar to Pesci. He has a New York accent, and the attitude to go with it. He has a dislike for the administration of this University and calls himself 'primarily conservative.' I thoroughly like him and expect to leave his class with a wealth of knowledge.

So with that introduction out of the way, I'd like to comment briefly (or not so briefly) on the wonderful professor of Geography.

He entered the classroom and announced in no uncertain terms that, "as paraphrased from a speech by Howard Dean, chair of the DNC, 'Evolution is based on Science, Science is based on Scientific Method, Scientific Method is based on Fact and therefore we can conclude that Evolution is based on fact. Intelligent design is based faith and crack-pot religious theories.' I," continued the idiot, "happen to agree with Mr. Dean and I shall instruct this course as such. This theory is held as absolute by the university, therefore if you have a problem with the way I instruct the course, take it to the Dean or President and they will tell you as I am about to tell you: if you want to hear that pish-posh, see you clergyman on Sunday morning because I don't give a shit."

Aside from the fact that Dean's thinking is incorrect (the scientific method is NOT based on fact, instead on educated guesses or assumptions), this professor, I think, is confused as to what it means to be a liberal as he later labeled himself.

Today I had a conversation with the girl who sits beside me in that class and is in her second consecutive semester of this course (she failed the first semester). We concluded the following:

A) This professor clearly considers himself to be, as do most modern democrats, a 'progressive.' This term is a fancy way of saying "liberal" without the negative connotation that has come to be associated with "liberal." 'Progessives' are supposed to stand for education, civil/human rights, etc. etc. They are supposed to be the pillars of understanding throughout the world.

B) This professor clearly is not a progressive. He, as most evolutionists, has turned a theory into religious doctrine which is now thought as absolute truth and is, under no circumstance, to be questioned.

C) This professor clearly is not a progressive. He, as most modern liberals who hide behind the term 'progressive,' is nothing more than a defender of leftists beliefs, unwilling to listen to/respect anyone whose opinion differs from that of his own.

D) This professor clearly is not a progressive. He is, instead, a leftist. He is your typical, confused man who, at one time, probably was a defender of a persons right to think thoughts not accepted by academia. Now, though, he has come to squash anything not directly in line with his thinking.

These leftists are becoming bigger and bigger problems and must be stopped. I will do my best to shut my mouth and pass the class with, hopefully, an 'A.' However, I do not know if this will be possible. We shall see.

TODAY'S MORAL: Don't be a leftist. It's just that simple.


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