Thursday, April 14, 2005

Damn Propaganda Machines

As a person who believes that since we can't exterminate leftists, we better learn to live with them, I am often seen visiting their natural habitat: a small, uppity coffee shop in Shepherdstown. Now, while this place does provide a mean cup of Columbian Supremo and a delicious pastry or ham and swiss sandwich, there is never a short supply of leftist ideology being discussed.

When this much American hating, Communist loving brain power (or lack there off--you might think of it as a black hole of sorts, which sucks in every single last droplet of reason and sense), there is bound to be interesting, philosophical debate which, though it is impractical and therefore will never truly amount to anything, is bound to aggravate even the most moderate conservatives (also known as American Loving, Commie distrusting smart folk).

As I sat observing the Leftist in his home arena, I found it difficult to turn my attention away from the deeply 'intellectual' conversation which was now transforming into a full blown love fest for the murder-factory built on the blueprints of Marxism as interpreted by Lenin and with the man power and 'go-get-'em' work ethic and ruthless efficiency of 'Uncle Joe' Stalin. The following is a reassembled tid-bit of the conversation:

Young Man: "These history classes at Shepherd are the most biased things you'd ever hear! I hate modern European studies because these right-wing professors refuse to show the goodness of the Soviet Union. If people like these professors would be fair and balanced, the Marxist Revolution could be completed."

Older Woman: "Biased has nothing to do with it. It's just that these folks are happy with living in a socially injustice world."

I know that things like this should be ignored because, as we have seen in the attempted construction of a crazed Socialist controlled nation, 'Utopia' (if that is really an accurate description) building is impractical, impossible and best ignored. However, this amount of ignorance is disgusting and highly disturbing.

The propaganda that he speaks of is, I believe, the fact that at least one professor (my very own History prof. Dr. Anders Henriksson) explains in great detail that the Utopia built in Russia was constructed and maintained by the systematic taking of land, property and business and the murder of, what some historian believe to be, close to 30 million (MILLION) people...but we're the ones living in a socially injustice world. Go figure.

The conversation then turned quickly to why this type of system is better than our own:

Young Man: This sort of change needs to take place in our country. If we were run like the Soviet Union, we wouldn't have illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We wouldn't be contemplating an invasion of Venezuela, and we wouldn't have to worry about idiots being elected.

Illegal wars in Iraq? No. I don't suppose the Soviets ever attacked Iraq. But they certainly attacked Afghanistan. Nevermind their legal murder of the 30 million above mentioned individuals. Nothing illegal going on there. Disgusting. Just disgusting.

We sure wouldn't have to worry about idiots, or anyone for that matter, being elected because there are no elections. On the bright side, we wouldn't have to put up with morons like this young man either, because he would have been shot on the scene for talking negatively about the Regime.

Oh, and when did the Pentagon draw up war plans for Venezuela. Apparently I missed that press briefing.

Today's Moral: Apparently it is illegal to destroy evil regimes which sponsor terrorist attacks on America in countries like Afghanistan. It is illegal to topple a regime who hates and openly supports the destruction of America while subsequently freeing millions of Iraqis. It is not, however, illegal to seize people's private property. Nor is it illegal to murder 30 million people. This Never-Never Land that leftists believe communism can build is highly disturbing and highly false. No such thing will ever exist in a land of socialist totalitarianism(or any totalitarianism for that matter). No such thing can exist in a nation that hates religion and denounces/bans the practice of Christianity.


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