Tuesday, November 09, 2004

We ARE the Establishment...

Is it not logical to believe that in the Post-Re-Election days, we conservatives would have an easier times on the ever liberal college campuses? Well, I thought it seemed logical, but apparently the one thing worse for college conservatives than campaigning for Bush is seeing Bush win.

For me, there has been an unbelievable increase in anti-conservative sentiments here at Shepherd.

For example, on the Wednesday after the Election, my political science teacher had a 25 minute rant on the evils of "Big-Oil" and anybody (IE George Bush) who is associated with Big-Oil. She continued to explain that we (drivers of SUV's, big cars, and trucks) are evil and need to see that oil consumption is bad and that having a President who supports big oil is just plain wrong. Whatever lady--I'll keep driving my Jeep until I can afford to buy something bigger....

I guess this doesn't bother me because I just see it as your 'run-of-the-mill' argument from somebody who can't think of anything better to attack the President on.

Today, though, I experienced that hatred of Conservatives that runs deeper than just Big-Oil. It's the hatred that really hurts me deeply--that hatred that makes us all out to be the Evil Bastard Empire that drives around in big fancy cars, living in big fancy homes, with waiters and butlers. We sit in our Ivory Tower and watch as the 'common man' struggles. We allow black women and children to live in the streets and starve or freeze to death. Meanwhile we step over the rotting corpses in our constant quest for the acquisition of wealth. Oh, and we give tax cuts to the rich, too.

Dr. Brown, or Jabba-the-Hutt as I call him, got on his soap box today about how conservatives would have people believe that people who live in poverty caused their own misfortune. He went on to describe his two children. Let me give you a description of them as closely and unslanted as I possibly can.

CHILD 1- Child 1 lives with her husband in Dr. Browns home. Child 1's husband, shall we call him Husband 1, works for a printing company making $10.50/hour. This is not enough to survive in the world, well at least not around here were apartment rent costs anywhere from $900-1500. Couple 1 has 4 children. They don't smoke or drink. Dr. Brown took it upon himself to keep them off the government tab.

CHILD 2- Child 2 lives wither her 'significant other' in Maryland where she is employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant making $11.50. She smokes. Her significant other drinks and smokes. She uses food stamps to subsidize her (low?) income. Couple 2 and their three children live in an apartment in Boonsboro.

Dr. Brown says that smoking and drinking are caused by poverty. He says that Conservatives would pull all their funding/government subsidies because we believe "they caused it themselves." This is true--I would pull their funding. Brown says that Couple 2 smoke, together, 3 packs a day. That's $9.00 a day, $63.00 a week, $3285 a year. That is money that this couple could use to buy a better house, a car, feed their children, or get further education to make more money which would lead to a better life. Does my belief in the idea that these people HAVE done this to themselves make me a bad person? I don't think it does.

He says that poverty is an institution created by society and that once you are in poverty there is no escaping. I have a problem with this. My father worked for very little money. We lived in a trailer which, when purchased, was not in great shape. Today, he drives a fairly new truck, has his own business, we have a house, mom has a car, I have a car, I'm in college. We all have our own computers. Granted, all the bills aren't always in on time. We can't just up and go on vacation or buy things we don't NEED without saving a little, but still. All of this was accomplish with NO government help. NO wealth redistribution. Nothing of the sort. Our system works. That's the bottom line--it works.

Brown also got on this soap-box about the 'tax-cuts for the rich.' Then, he went on to talk about how Husband 1 pays little income tax, because he has a wife and four children. He also said that most years, Husband 1 gets back MORE than he paid in...How does that work? I don't understand how anyone can call them "tax cuts for the rich" when Husband 1 is getting back MORE THAN HE PUT IN! It's a ridiculous claim. I'm tired of it. I am not an evil bastard who doesn't understand the "true needs" of society just because I am a conservative and believe that if I want something I need to work for it. This is just ridiculous.

On a side not, misuse of religion by George Bush also resulted in overwhelming support from mindless Christians which is the only reason he was reelected--remember that!

TODAY'S MORAL- If you're a Christian Conservative, you might as well face it--you are an evil person who would let small children rot in the streets because you care only about your own wealth and well being. Thanks for the insight, Dr. Brown...


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