Thursday, November 11, 2004

"They're all Intellectuals, we're stupid dumbasses"

As the animated John Kerry points out in JibJab's video, "This Land," Kerry's "as an Intellectual, you're (Bush) a stupid dumbass..."

This statement has bothered me for some time. The liberals of the world often refer to themselves as 'intellectuals' and it has often caused me to wonder just what sets them apart from the 'common man' (whom they claim to represent). I thought, perhaps it was schooling. That, though, can't be it--both Bush and Kerry attended a prestigious educational institution (Yale). I thought maybe they were more educated in the fine arts--but I wasn't entirely convinced about this either (Dr. V.J. Brown (yesterday's post topic) is no more informed on the arts than I am). I was finally to the point that I was about to call it quits and give up on my search and simply state that it is a FEELING of superiority. Today, I figured it out...

As I sat in Sociology today (my class with the WONDERFUL Dr. V.J. Brown, whom I eluded to earlier in this post and can be read about in full in an early post) listening, well partially listening, to the useless blah which is a Brown-Lecture it struck me...

You see, Brown was, as usual, going on and on about the evils of religion--this time blaming Christians for years of discrimination against women and blacks which is the BIGGEST 'humanitarian crisis' facing us today--and it just clicked.

Intellect, as the John Kerry's and V.J.Brown's of the world refer to it, has nothing to do with education or culture, nothing to do with knowledge or power, instead, an 'intellectual' is one who has been 'enlightened' to the fallacy of religious belief and tradition. Intellectuals are those who have risen above the common man which is too ignorant to sort through the mind numbing garble of religious values. This enlightenment is what sets the intellectuals apart from the 'rest.' It is for this reason that THEY are more suited to spend our tax money, establish moral law (i.e. gay marriage, abortion) protect us from ourselves in our quest to defend America (the intellectuals almost all argue against any type of war). Intellectuals are, simply, the most well balanced, logical group of individuals in the country today. That's all there is to it. Thank GOD for the Intellectuals (I guess we should thank Him since they are to knowledgeable and logical to believe in His existence).

TODAY'S MORAL- Post election discussion has centered a lot on the "democrats being out of touch with 'red America'" This is why. People like this are the mouth pieces of the Democratic party. People who think that belief in God is illogical and irrational will never hold a seat as long as a majority of the American people hold strong to the values upon which this nation was built--faith! Like it or not, Faith is the cornerstone of America. Like it or not, the Christian belief structure is the corner stone of Faith.


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