Friday, September 29, 2006

African AIDS and the Religious Agenda of GW Bush

President Bush final got a hit of recognition for all he's done in the global "War on AIDS" through the President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief. From a speech in Great Britain:

The star turn in that debate was Bob Geldof, the Live Aid founder, who provided the most controversial moment of the day when he gave his backing to the anti-aids programme espoused by Mr Clinton's successor, President Bush.

The Bush Administration launched the $15 billion President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (Pepar) in 2003 but it has been criticised because around one-third of the funds go to faith-based groups that smack of Christian fundamentalism.

Sir Bob told delegates that Aids had stabilised in Africa - partly because of condom distribution, but added: "Pepar, which is Bush's almost personal response to the Global Fund, is a highly effective Aids combatant mechanism. It works. It's uncomfortable for people to speak these unspoken truths but a lot of that stuff is working."

He continued: "In general in rural Africa women have no power. They also cannot refuse sexual favours.

"What this if you like fundamental Christian agenda - and believe me I'm an atheist so I'm not going along with that - what it has done is I've seen marked in chalk on these rural huts - safe sex, fidelity. It's giving women a weapon they can use."

Who'd a thunk it--a program that actually works. I'm shocked that absitence gives people a "weapon they can use."

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