Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Personal ads we never knew existed...

Shocking. Who knew there was an internet personal ad site for Islamist extremists? From Common Sense & Wonder, but originally appearing on The Daily Mail:

One of Britain’s most infamous Islamist extremists is seeking three more wives through the internet.

Omar Brooks, who described the 7/7 suicide bombers as "completely praiseworthy" and heckled Home Secretary John Reid in a high-profile confrontation last week, has signed up to a Muslim marriage website.

Although already married with three children and reportedly living off £700 a month in state benefits, the 31-year-old is seeking more wives, with the intention of fathering more than nine children.

On the site, Brooks — using his Muslim name Abu Izzadeen — describes himself as the "life of thee party" and admits to watching "a lot" of Al-Jazeera TV, the satellite network which has broadcast video messages from Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda.

He says he is looking for a "second, third or fourth wife" and does not care about their ages as long as they are older than 16 and younger than 40.

Sounds like he cares to me...

Under the category "My Personality", Brooks boasts that he is "passionate, bold, protective, witty and sensitive". He says the "best aspect" of his personality is that he is "very funny loving [sic] and humble towards the believers inshallah [if Allah wills it]".

He prays, he says, more than five times a day, fasts at Ramadan and has
performed hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca. Born Trevor Brooks to a Jamaican family
in Hackney, he adds that there is "nothing except Islam".

Brooks says his most attractive physical feature is his long beard — although he adds that it "doesn’t grow beyond a certain limit". He describes himself as "muscular", 5ft 11in tall, with hazel eyes.

He enjoys kung fu, going to the gym and studying in the local mosque. When contacted by the Evening Standard, Brooks refused to discuss the website.

He said he now only gives live interviews to radio or television because he does not trust any other form of media. Asked about the website, he put the telephone down. It is thought his current wife is of Arabic origin.

Brooks’s appearance on the website has become the subject of some ridicule in internet chatrooms. Last week, the BBC was criticised for allowing him "to rant for a rage-filled 12 minutes" on Radio 4’s Today programme.

One blogger suggested interviewer John Humphrys could have better used the time by questioning him about his quest for more wives.

The radio interview followed a confrontation with Mr Reid, in which the Home Secretary was shouted down by Brooks and his supporters at the launch of a
government drive to warn Muslim parents to check their children were not falling
under the influence of fanatics.

Brooks, who lives in a council house in Leyton, was leader of extremist group al-Ghurabaa until it was outlawed this year.

He has been closely linked to Omar Bakri Mohammed, the radical cleric now living in Beirut. Since Bakri’s decision to go to Lebanon and the jailing of hate preacher Abu Hamza, Brooks is arguably Britain’s most prominent Islamist extremist.

Last year he provoked protests when he praised the 7/7 bombers. He told BBC2’s Newsnight: "What I would say about those who do suicide operations or martyrdom operations is they’re completely praiseworthy. I have no allegiance to the Queen whatsoever or to British society, in fact if I see mujahideen attack the UK, I am always standing with the Muslims, never against the Muslims.

"I would never denounce the bombings, even if my own family was to suffer, because we always stand with the Muslims regardless of the consequences."

Brooks, a trained electrician, converted to Islam at the age of 17. He is thought to have become radicalised after meeting Bakri and Hamza at the Finsbury Park Mosque in the mid to late Nineties.

He speaks fluent Arabic and once claimed he had attended terror training camps in Afghanistan., whose tagline is "Muslim matrimonial introduction made easy", said the website has about 14,000 members worldwide and it is not uncommon for subscribers to seek more wives.

"Traditionally many Muslim men have one, two, three or four wives," said founder Mandar Maratha. "We have many women who want to be a second or third wife. They couldn’t get married under UK law but they could get married under Islamic law."

Boy oh boy. We definately need 9 or 12 of these lovely buggers running around...



At 1:14 AM, Blogger Ek Umeed said...

Hello, Jeff:

Though I am a Muslim, I must say that I am ashamed that disgusting individuals as Mr. Omar Brooks exist and proclaim themselves to be true "Muslims." I hope you understand that these people do not represent the views of the Muslim majority. In fact, in the process of reading the article, I found myself befuddled by the very idea that anybody in the world can condone atrocities committed against humanity, no matter what religion they belong to.

Mr. Omar Brooks is misled in thinking that Islam stands for crimes against mankind, which is why I can only assume that the man is deranged or simply does not grasp the basic concept of Islam's rich denotations as "peace" and "purity" and "submission to God." Killing of innocents in the name of religion is NOT a value propagated by Islam; in fact, I believe it is a tenet that is NOT propagated by any religion of the world. I feel saddened and angered by the wild declarations and incorrigible acts of people as Mr. Omar Brooks. I condemn people like Mr. Omar Brooks; they can perhaps never understand what compassion is or identification with human suffering through empathy is.

How can I explain the mindset of such extremists? Honestly, I can't; I do not understand any of their motivations or their capacity for hatred and ignorance myself. All I can say is that if you truly explore the religion of Islam, you will see that it is a beautiful religion. But if you look to Muslims to be the embodiment of the pure, great, and inspirational values taught by Islam, you will have undertaken the task equivalent of looking for "needle in a haystack." Let me explain: The task is almost impossible not because Muslims are generally bad people, as they are not; in fact, most of the Muslims are good people. But the reason you will encounter such trouble finding people who follow Islamic values is because most Muslim people have moved away from their religiosity and spirituality. And unfortunately, the small percentage of pious Muslims in the world are not concerned with speaking about the wrongdoing of extremists because they do not know what to say; moreover, they remain silent because they are the inherently good people who just want to live their lives peacefully in service of God, knowing that the world, its bounties, and its problems are immaterial in comparison to the desired afterlife that they seek.

Therefore, you only find Muslims in the spotlight that claim to retain a certain level of spirituality, though they really are acting against the benevolent values of the religion; in addition, the small percentage of extremists within the religion effectively manipulate the words in the Quran by taking them out of context and attaching to them nonexistent meanings; through this action, they are able to justify their violence and despicable behaviors. I believe George Bernard Shaw was right when he uttered the famous words, "Islam is the best religion with the worst followers." And unfortunately, Mr. Omar Brooks is a perfect example of a bad follower of the good religion.

Ek Umeed :)
(Psuedonym Meaning "One Hope")

P.S. I hope I did not sound preachy, but I am truly disturbed by the actions and spoken words of people like Mr. Omar Brooks. By the way, you have a very nice blog, Jeff. I hope you did not mind me taking so much space in writing what I wanted to share with you. Anyhow, take care. ;) And I apologize in advance if I caused you any umbrage; any offense was unintentional. Adieu.

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Your comment is certainly not offensive; it is welcomed!

I think that you provide some valid points. It is worth saying that if folks like you would speak up and condem the extremists who tarnish the name of your religion, Islam would not have the reputation that it is quickly earning.

Best wishes to you and yours,


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