Monday, September 25, 2006

On the Pope

A lot of bloggers and right-wingers like to compare liberals to the Islamo-facist terrorists (or whatever it is we're calling them this week). I don't know that it's really appropriate in all situations (e.g. I don't think that most democrats/liberals want to see the US destroyed in the same manner that terrorists do) but there is at least one characterization which fits...and that it hypocrisy.

The dems--though I praised them for it--jumped all over Chavez for the personal attacks on Bush, but they themselves say the same (or worse) on a near daily basis. Don't believe me? Just listen to anything Howard Dean says. Or take a look at people like Noam Chompsky, who condemns the US government military, though he took significant amounts of money from the Pentagon (see Peter Schwizer's Do as I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy).

The Islamo-nutjubs share this trait. They burn flags, attack embasies, kill, mame and generally spread havoc because of a picture of Mohammed. Then they do this (from Little Green Footballs):

Here’s a lovely cartoon from the current issue of Palestinian weekly Al Risala, a Hamas publication, courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch. The Arabic script reads, “The Pope and those who live under his cloak.”

It just goes to show, the standard they hold us to is different than their own...much like the libs.

As a side note, do we hide under the cloak of the Pope? Hmm. Points to ponder?

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