Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More and More

So I just wrote a quick note on hockey yestarday, it's true. But as October approaches, I can promise that more and more NHL/New York Rangers news will be slid in here. Why? Because hockey is one of the few things I enjoy more than reading/discussing and analyzing politics...

This from NHL.com:

Rangers forward Jaromir Jagr has been cleared to practice for the first time since undergoing surgery on his dislocated left shoulder nearly five months ago.

"We got a very good report from the doctor," said smiling New York coach Tom Renney after the Rangers lost 5-2 to the New York Islanders in a preseason game Monday night. "He is ready for a full practice and everything that is involved with that."

When Jagr might be able to play in a game will be determined by Renney and the rest of the coaching staff. Jagr will need to build up his endurance and practice time before taking the next step.

"He is cleared to practice, and then it is up to me," Renney said of Jagr, who set team records last season with 54 goals and 123 points. "He's got to practice."

Is it just me, or does Renney sound like Jagr's dad? "He's got to practice...he is cleared, then it is up to me."

Anyway, this is good new for Rangers fans worldwide. Jags is--even with the addition of Shanny and Cullen--the single most important player on the New York Rangers this year. He has got to be healthy. He has got to have another year like he had 05-06. If he does, the Rangers will be a dominating force. If not? Well...maybe we don't do so well. (And yes, I say we when refering to the Rangers...after watching them suck for 9 years, I feel I've earned the right).



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