Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Is Freedom Only Worth Free Health Care?

After a two week hiatus, I'm back and ready to launch into some stuff that has been 'sitting on my desk' (so to speak) for a while now.
I hope to get to everything within the next few days, but I have to start my return off with a video I received via email yesterday.
This is just crazy. Here's the link:
Here's my breakdown of the video--summary and commentary mixed:
Images of 'the Blog' (AKA Moore) open the film with him saying "I think these words need to be said somewhere on national TV...and they are' there is no terrorist threat' there is no threat." Moore has got toe be the biggest waste of life in the world. What a slimebag. Does he need to see the tapes of those planes crashing into the towers again? How about the USS Cole? The Pentagon? When are these liberals going to learn that there is a grave and gathering threat that must be dealt with? When are they going to wake up and see that everything is not fine? The world is not fine. The world is a hellish, brutish place and if we let our guard down for one minute the people who make the world a hellish and brutish place are going to jump all over that opportunity and rip us apart. September 11, 2001 was awful. It was horrid to see the life that was lost and the blood that was shed, but it is NOTHING compared to what these people want to do to us. We must remain sound in our resolve to stop them at all costs.
The camera pans over the planes flying into the Towers on 9/11. Also images of the USS Cole (I think). but there is no terrorist threat--none at all. We were never hit--the planes that flew into the towers, the Pentagon, and the plane taken down in PA were figment of our imagination. The cowards who attack innocents in Iraq and hold them hostage then behead them are not a threat. There is no terrorist threat.
More images of the disaster on 9/11--the words "At what temperature does the brain begin to die?" float across the screen. A woman in a crowd says, "When you talk about a dictator, there's pros and there's cons. If they provide free health care...I like that dictator. If he provides...Education for everyone, I like that dictator." Meanwhile images of dictators beating their people, having their evil carried out, executing people etc. Play in the background. This woman is of real and undeniable value to the United States of America--thank God we have somebody like her. What a moron. "I like that dictator." I think maybe we should let Saddam live on a small island nation. We should set him up with all the same torture devices, biological weapons, etc. That he had in Iraq. Then we should say ' Saddam, this nation is yours. You are free to do with it as you please under three circumstances. First- you are not allowed to leave the island. Second, you must provide free education to all the people, and third, you must provide free healthcare.' Then we should take all these stupid people like this woman and place her there. Let all these people live under the dictatorship. I guess to people like this, freedom is only worth free health care...After all, she said as long as they provide education and health care...
Images of President Bush Giving a speech, "Time is not on our side. I will not await on events while dangers gather. I will not stand by as peril draws closer and closer. The War on Terror will not be won on the defensive. If we wait for threats to fully materialize, we will have waited too long." I have a confession to make--I have not always been a Bush supporter. Oh, it's true--I know it's hard to believe, but I didn't like him when he ran in 2000. Since September 11, though, I have grown not only to like him, but to love him. In the days immediately following 9/11, Bush was a voice of comfort. He was a voice of reason. He was a voice of liberty. He was a voice of justice. When he said that we would respond quickly and harshly, I believed him. He kept his promise. I think God every time I pray that we have George W. Bush on our side. Everyday, I ask that God continues to work through Bush, as I think he has. Sometimes it seems like Bush is the only remaining voice of reason in this entire world. I am comforted knowing that Bush says "the War on Terror can not be won on the defensive." This is so true. If, as Bush said, we allow events to fully materialize before we respond, we will have waited too long. Do we need to loose another 3,000+ people through another viscous, unprovoked attack before people will wake up and realize this? It scares me to think that anybody but Bush could be our Commander in Chief after November.
Images of protestors fill the screen. The camera zooms in on a ProtestWarrior sign that says "Say No To War...Unless a democrat is president." Behind the signs there are people chanting "fascist, Fascist" one man even says "I would vote for a single celled organism over George W. Bush." The protestors are prime examples of a line I use frequently--Liberals will fight for your right to free speech as long as you agree with them. What were the ProtestWarrior guys doing that was so wrong? Nothing! They were simply exercising the same right that the moronic protesters were exercising. The difference is simply in what they were saying. Those pukes disgust me. I'd love to send them back to Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy to live under Hitler or Mussolini. Then they'd know what it was like to live in a Fascist environment. It would serve them right.
People, this is real. The people that this movie shows are real. The Michael Moore's of the world are real. There is no denying it. People like that woman, who says "I like that dictator as long as he/she provides me with health care and free education' are real! These people want President Bush gone because they are stupid. They don't see the world as a bad place with evil lurking around almost every corner. They think the world is grand--flowers, blue skies, smiles on everybody's faces...Oh, and free health care and education...But they are wrong. We need GWB back in the White House. There are less than two months left! Have we done all the we could to this point to ensure a Bush victory? Have we gotten the message out? We need to ask ourselves this question now before it's too late. We can't wait until November 3rd to ask these questions. May God be with us as we approach this important day in the future of America.


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