Tuesday, August 31, 2004

RNC Coverage- Day 2

A small disclaimer before I begin: I'm tired and I think I'm getting a cold, so if I don't seem to have the zeal tonight that I typically try to write with, that's why and I apologize ahead of time.

On to the coverage...

Unfortunately, I missed Elizabeth Dole's speech as well as part of Michael Steele's speech. The part of Steele's speech that I did see, though, was very well done. I think Arnold's speech was fantastic. Barbara and Jenna, I thought, did an ok job. I thought some of their stuff was funny, but I really wish they'd have taken a more serious role and that they had been a little quicker, but that is neither here nor there. Laura Bush is just delightful.

One final note: Since I missed Dole and Steele, they will be omitted from the coverage. Also, I am not going to cover George Bush's introduction of Laura, nor will I provide any further coverage of the twins. That said, here's the break-down:

Arnold Schwarzenegger
I think that Arnold did a fantastic job. He was very energized and very enthused. He spoke clearly and very well. I think, considering his relative 'newness' to the government scene, he spoke like a veteran of the GOP. Here are the key points of the speech in the same form as last night:
America is compassionate, loving, welcoming, and offers much possibility and opportunity: This was clearly a direct attempt to appeal to the 'minority' voter, especially immigrants. I don't think that this is anything we didn't already know, but I do think it was well stated anyway.
America is a place where we can respectfully disagree. It is ok if we don't agree with everything President Bush says. Its ok to disagree with parts of the Republican platform: This, again, was information which we (should) already know. It was, again, well stated, though. I think it is specifically true in this election. Just because one disagrees with Bush's stance on gay marriage or abortion does not mean that one cannot continue to support Bush. This is a reiteration of the idea that, at least for now, we all must look at the BIG issues (ie- terrorism, war in Iraq) and not nit-pick about the lesser issues.
Republicans believe that government is responsible to the people, not vice versa; family spends money better than government, the education system should be directly responsible to the people, we must be fierce and relentless to terminate terrorism;Republicans believe the United States is a better ambassador of Democracy than the United Nations. Republicans have faith in free enterprise and in Bush's Economic plan--we can't be economic 'girly-men.'
Wow, that's a long one...This was very nice. Arnold pretty much stated every single reason why I am a Republican. Strong stance on terrorism, tax cuts, responsible government and education systems, an economic plan that encourages small business growth, and NO DEPENDENCE ON THE UNITED NATIONS. Well said, Governor!
America is the lamp of the world; the hate held by terrorists is no match for the decency of the American people. Arnold continued to talk about the strength of America. He continued to talk about the freedom in America, and the inspiration for freedom that America can push through to the world simply by being free Americans!
America is back from the attack on the homeland, the economy, and our way of life thanks to President Bush. I believe this completely. Look, nobody can say what would have happened after 9/11 had Gore been our leader, but I do believe in my heart that we would not have made the progress we made if not for George W. Bush.
Closing Remarks: I think Arnold did an amazing job. I was a little worried about him speaking because, despite his strong Republican ties, much of his social-view is more liberal.
I think he did a good job standing behind our President. This could be the best speech of the week (aside from the Thursday night speech by the President). Only time will tell...

Laura Bush
Laura Bush is one of the most delightful women I have ever seen in my life. She carries herself with such grace. She's a great speaker, too. I think she did a very good job tonight, too. I had hoped she'd be a little more aggressive, but she did a great job anyway. Laura's key point was limited to one thing: we must reelect George W. Bush. Here are the key points on why:
Education: George Bush passed sweeping legislation which gave unprecedented funding to education. He realized that too many students were being "left behind" in their schools (in other words, they were leaving school without the needed skills) an no one was being held accountable. His legislation made schools and school boards directly responsible to the people.
Economy: Bush's tax plan has encouraged the expansion and creation of small businesses through the nation. Everyone knows that small business is the backbone of the American economy. This, to me, is just as simply as that standard ole Algebra examples we always see: if a=b and b=c, then c=A. If Bush's plan stimulated small business, and small business is the brunt of the economy, then Bush stimulated the economy. This isn't' rocket science.
Health Care/Health & Scientific Research: President Bush's Medicare plan provided prescription drugs to those who needed them. I do not know enough on this topic to thoroughly cover it, but the Republicans seem to think that this is a great plan. I am not sure either way--its hard to know because either way we look at it there is some sort of spin on the facts... In this same category Laura covered stem-cell research. She noted that Bush is the only President to ever sign legislation allowing Stem-cell research. The legislation he signed is very unique in that it protects the sanctity of the human body, while allowing advancements in scientific research.
The War in Iraq was an agonizing decision: The democrats like to make it seem as if Bush came into the White House ready to lock and load. This is not true. Laura described her husband as going through excruciating pain while struggling with this decision. She poke of nights when Bush would walk the lawn thinking about it, or sit alone at the kitchen table debating the situation and reviewing the evidence he had been given. The bottom line is this: President Bush believed we had to go to War with Iraq. That is the important part--he BELIEVE everything he said. He believed Saddam was a direct and grave threat, and I, for one, support his decision. Laura also pointed out that today, 50 million people live in democracies. These people didn't have this liberty 4 years ago. His policies and actions are directly responsible for this. Also, she pointed out that the liberation of Afghanistan has directly led to freedom for women, pointing out that 40% of registered voters in Afghanistan are WOMEN. And to think that the liberals say Bush is 'anti-women.'
Closing Remarks: Laura Bush spoke well tonight. Her responsibility seemed to be simply to make President Bush seem real. She showed a more personal side of Bush that many don't see, and she did a great job doing it.
Tonight was much improved over last night. I think tonight will be the pinnacle of the week first three days. I'm not sure how much of an impact Arnold or Laura will have on the undecided vote, but they did a great job nonetheless.


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