Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I'm blaming this on John Kerry

I had so much to write about this week--just so much. I have an awesome video to write about. I have lots of opinions on this whole CBS scandal. I have a sexist, racist Sociology book that I'd love to rip to shreds. What about Kitty Kelly? She's certainly fair game!

Unfortunately, though, I wrote a $100 check to 'Shepherd University' for the crapiest, most inconsistent (well, unless one were to say consistently bad) internet connection in the entire world. I mean honestly, I think it's out more than it's in. And thus, I have been unable to update since Saturday. Four whole days. It's sad, I know.

Today, I could and probably should pick any one of the previously mentioned topics as the center of my rant-session. However, I am in deep and solemn mourning and to not cover this sorrow on my heart would be a full-on injustice that I could never live with...So here goes.

There aren't too many things which truly get my going. I love to talk/argue politics. I love my family. I love talking about school, church, old time, etc. With folks, but I figure if somebody asked me, "Hey, Jeff, what's the one thing that really gets you fired up?" I'd immediately respond 'hockey.' Hockey is a passion for me. I can't play. I couldn't coach. But gosh darn-it, I am a fantastic fan. I scream, cheer, cry and shout more than I probably should. I have stuck by my team (Go Rangers) through the last eight years (a rather substantial portion of an 18 year-olds life) despite the major 'suckage' which has been a trend for nearly a decade. I love hockey. I am a rabid team USA fan. I celebrated like a member of the team in '96 when Mike Richter stole the show at the World Cup winning MVP. I was devastated in 1998 when Chris Chelios acted like an ass and put a black-cloud on the American program in general. I was forgiving in 2002 when Richter and Leetch put on a heck of a show to help USA earn Silver. I was inspired when Keith Tkachuk single-handedly won the first game of the elimination round just a couple of weeks ago against Russia putting up 4/5 of the goals in the game.

I'm a fan. A diehard fan, and I am not alone. There are literally thousands upon thousands of people out there just like me, and there are thousands more who are MORE devoted and MORE in love with the game. We poor our heart, time, emotion, and M-O-N-E-Y into this game. Shouldn't we be appreciated? Shouldn't O-U-R wants come first? One would think it's logical to believe this. But that is not the case.

As we fans begin to show the early signs of full-on withdrawal from lack of hockey, those who control that game have failed us.

Making it official, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced that, as of mid-night tonight, there will be a lockout, a work stoppage, a lack of hockey!

For literally months the deadline for the expiration of the CBA has been looming. Why wasn't this dealt with?

Most would argue that it's because the owners want to much change. Others argue that the players are too stubborn and need to see the need for a salary cap. I don't care what the reasons were--I blame them both.

As October approaches, it appears there will be no hockey. This saddens me. More than saddened, I am also disgusted. How dare the two sides not resolve this petty issue. How dare they? It makes me sick to think that the players are so greedy that they will not take a pay-cut to play the game that they love. I thought it was 'love of the game over money.' Apparently not. The players don't get all the blame though. Owners, how dare you complain about not being able to make money because of the high salaries of players and then shut down the season. Don't you see that you risk loosing more by acting like stubborn asses and refusing to find a compromise?

Players, Owners, get your crap together. I want some friggin' hockey by January at the latest. I say, if we don't' get NHL hockey by January, then we boycott next season. We only watch minor-league games. We only attend minor league games. As much as I love to see the camera zoom across the Garden and see MSG sold out, it serves those effers right to have the whole arena empty.

In closing, I'd just like to say that this is, somehow, John Kerry's fault. To use a little technique I learned from CBS--I won't say how it's his fault, and I can't say who told me--but it IS his fault, and you can take that to the bank...

Today's Moral: Stop thinking with your wallets effers. The whole thing is ridiculous. Hockey is a game! It's entertainment. Without the spectators there is no market for entertainment. Without a market, there is NO income. The longer this lockout goes, the more fans fall from the band-wagon. I guess it just shows that when we think with our wallets, we loose more than we gain.

I'll be back tomorrow (assuming this internet stays up) with a real post.


At 3:40 AM, Blogger Sherry said...

awww - tear , nah I'm just kidding I know how devastated you are so heres a hug


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