Wednesday, September 01, 2004

RNC Coverage- Day 3

Today has been a day-long battle with the liberals of Shepherdstown. Despite this, I will resists the urge to rant as to provide RNC Commentary.

Tonight's coverage will feature Dick Cheney and Zell Miller...enjoy ;)

Zell Miller
First let me say that I expected a rather long, bland speech which would be simply one of many speeches which didn't really catch much attention. I assumed that it would be a shadow in the vast light of the brilliant 'Arnold' speech. I was wrong. Zell's speech was, arguably, the best speech of the convention, beating out Arnold's speech hands down. Zell, I was quite impressed! I guess the woman was correct when she introduced you as the "conscience of the Democratic Party." Here's the break down:
Which leader as the vision, will, and back bone to protect our families? George W. Bush! As per the pattern, this is something that I already knew. I am not sure how much affect Zell's words will have on his fellow democrats, but I guess we'll see.
Where is the bi-partisanship when we need it? This was a good point. I think Zell's example of the Rep. candidate running against FDR saying that he 'didn't want to make National Security a partisan issue" because the bottom line is it shouldn't be. Protecting America by whatever means should be the number one priority for both parties; it's just that simple.
Democratic leadership sees America as the enemy. They see America as occupants, not liberators. I think this is also true and it's very similar to my own phrase that I use a lot. I believe that the Democrats have made George W. Bush the enemy. They hate him and want to defeat him more than anything else. The Republicans, though, still see al Queda and other terrorists as the enemy. John Kerry is just a side note, nothing more. I believe this is extremely true, and I'm glad that somebody with a little clout sees it the same way I do. Well said, Zell.
Kerry says he'd stop out-sourcing. The truth is, he wants to outsource our National Security. This is another particularly true statement which, though, goes a little bit beyond just the outsourcing part. Zell first describes how the two Senators from Massachusetts have voted against every key weapons system in the last twenty years. Many of the systems are what helped us win the Cold War and are now assisting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and with the war on terror in general. Secondly, Zell shouted a familiar chorus: we don't need Paris telling us it's ok to protect our homeland.
Kerry wants to refight yesterday's war. Now I'm not sure in which context Miller intended this to be taken, but I think it works for both. Firstly is the idea of Vietnam. Kerry is, in his own way, trying to rewrite history. Sometimes I wonder how he ended up in the condition he is in because sometimes to hear him talk it's almost like he really believes EVERYTHING he is saying! It's really quite sad. Secondly is my old theory that the Democrats are stuck in the Cold War days, and who can blame them? Wouldn't it be nice to have a clear enemy? Wouldn't it be nice to say "no no, the Russians are bad--they live here. They're bad, but they LIVE IN RUSSIA." Unfortunately, though, it doesn't work like that. Our enemy is no longer Russia. Our enemy no longer is stationed in one town, city, country or even region. Our enemy is everywhere--Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Spain, South America, and even South Florida for crying out loud. If this is really how the Dems want to approach this war then we might as well face that we have no chance of winning it. We have got to move forward in our defense.
George Bush isn't a slick talker, but he's a straight shooter! How true, how true.
Closing Remarks: Zell Miller is the man. I thought it was Rudy. Then I thought it was Arnold. Now I know it's Zell. What a great job. Every point he made tonight was right on the money. I think that the momentum has just continued to build--tomorrow night, when 'W' takes the stage, I don't' know...The roof might just pop right off of MSG.
Vice President Dick Cheney
Cheney is an amazing man. I had never really heard about his background the way I heard it tonight. I've always respected Cheney, but now that I know that he is a self-made man, my respect for him is even greater. His speech was low-key compared to Miller's, but it was very effective nonetheless. Here's the breakdown:
Education "No-Child-Left-Behind" is the biggest Reform in Ed. in the last 40 years. These policies hold educators responsible to the highest of standards. This is something that we have needed in public education--and Cheney should know. He said himself that he attended public school from K-Graduation!
The Bush Tax-cuts are working!! This is no revelation to anybody who has a grasp on reality. Business growth is phenomenal, homeownership is the highest its ever been. Job numbers are steadily increasing. There is no doubt about it--the economy is on an upswing. We're growing at the fastest rate in 20 years. This is great news for America. People need to look at the numbers and see this.
Today's biggest threat is the idea of nuclear weapons in the nads of our Enemy's We have stopped the "block market network" for WMD's. Cheney said that we "confronted a gathering threat" in Iraq. This is true. He also pointed out that shortly after our arresting Hussein, Libya turned over their Nuclear program. That is true. What Cheney didn't say is what we're going to do about Iran and North Korea. I think it's important that we hear the plans for these two issues from President Bush tomorrow night or very soon. These are the 'gathering threats' now. Today's press release about Iran's beginning to enrich uranium is scary to me. We have to deal with this now!
Kerry speaks of his Vietnam service often, and we honor him for that. Thanks, Dick. Nobody else has said that, have they? I mean, I have only heard Bush say it a million times. You've said it only a couple million, and McCain has only said it a couple hundred million. Perhaps this will be the LAST time we have to kiss Kerry's butt about his service in Vietnam. Look, I commend Kerry for his service too, but this is NOT THE ISSUE AT HAND. Can we PLEASE move on.
Kerry states that he will only deeply troops with UN approval. He vows to fight a sensitive war on terror. Well, Mr. Kerry, I highly doubt that al Queda will be impressed by our 'softer side...Our foreign policy is not to impress a few critics. Nice delivery on an important topic. I do not want this country on its knees begging for forgiveness from the Frogs at the next UN meeting. It will make me sick. We do not need permission to defend ourselves, even in the case of preemption. That is a fact.
Kerry's liveliest disagreement on the issues is with himself. He sees two Americas, well that feeling is mutual; we see two John Kerry's. Again, an excellent delivery. Cheney was loaded with quick, sharp statements that really packed a good punch! I loved to see the crowd do their "flip-flop" chant. It was great (even though I couldn't understand them when they started).
Closing Remarks Cheney's speech was not the angry battle cry that we heard from Zell Miller. It was not the compassionate story that we heard from Laura Bush. It wasn't like the tale of opportunity from 'Arnold.' Nor was it the story of inspiration from McCain or Giuliani. It was, instead, a platform. It was all of these things combined to created the runway for the President's speech tomorrow. I think I speak for each and every Bush supporter when I say that, despite his flaws, I love Dick Cheney, and I am glad and honored to have him as MY VP.


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