Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Correct on all accounts

I have to admit that yestarday's rantings about the Foley incident were written in anger and disgust, though even after I have "cooled down," I can't help but stand by them. Maybe it's something to do with the unseasonably warm weather we've experienced the past two days, but I am just completely and utterly disgusted.

Instapundit hits the nail right on the head:

DO THE REPUBLICANS DESERVE TO RETAIN THE HOUSE? This morning driving in to work I heard Neal Boortz saying no, and he made a pretty compelling case. (If it weren't for silly Democratic talk about impeachment and show-trial hearings I'd find it even more compelling.) The counter-case is that a Democratic House would be a disaster for the country. I gathered from Boortz's discussion that that's the case that Hannity and Limbaugh were making yesterday. It's a strong argument -- except that if Republican control of the Congress is so all-fired important to the future of civilization, then why haven't the Republicans who
control Congress been acting as if it is so important?

And it's not so much the Foley affair -- that's just the pebble that starts the valanche. It's the past two years of more substantive problems, which, as Rich Lowry notes, have exhausted their stock of moral and political capital on a lot of issues. Were GOP control of the Congress so important to the country, wouldn't the GOP leadership have exercised a trifle more self-discipline and self-denial? And if it's not capable of doing so, then what kind of leadership is it?
Boy is that the truth... I have heard Dick Morris (FoxNews contributor and former Clinton advisor) say several times that neither party deserves to win this election--and he's right.

As Glenn Reynolds said above, "If it weren't for silly Democratic talk about impeachment and show-trial hearings I'd find it even more compelling." I feel the exact same way. Here we are debating text messages about masturbation when the focus for Republicans and Dems alike should be protecting this Nation. That is what they are charged with in the Constitution, and yet it seems like that is at the bottom of the list of concerns for many of these people.

What to do?



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