Monday, August 28, 2006

"We're Australians first and foremost"

The UPI (United Press International) by way of The Washington Times had a report this morning that the leading Muslim leader of Melbourne, Australia sees beauty pageants as "a slur on Islam."  Here's the story:

Muslim girl in beauty contest uproar

A Muslim high school student, defying Islamic leaders, is among the final 26 contestants for the Miss Teen Australia beauty pageant.
      Ayten Ahmet, 16, reached the last stages of the competition determined to fulfill her modeling ambitions, while completing an accounting degree, according to a report in the Herald-Sun.
      Victoria state Islamic leader Yasser Soliman said the contest did not conform with the teachings of the Koran and a spokesman for Melbourne's leading Muslim cleric, Sheik Mohammed Omran, branded the competition, which involves swimsuit parades, a "slur on Islam."

There they go again.  Those crazy Muslim leaders are inserting themselves into something that has NOTHING to do with Islam.  Stick your big noses someplace else. 

      Ahmet said the criticism was disappointing and unnecessary.
      "I thought it would be good experience and an opportunity to have a bit of fun," she said. "The cameras are something I love."
      Her father, Salih Ahmet, said his daughter was entitled to participate. "We are not flying any flags; we are Australians first and foremost," he says.

Well said, Salih.  That's the attitude one has to take when nutty leaders feel it proper (or worse, dutiful) to comment on something which should be none of their concern.      

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