Monday, August 21, 2006

Here We Go Again...

Well after several months of sparse posting, it is my intention to begin regularly posting as I did when this blog first started nearly three years ago.

After a short summer siesta (well, not really a siesta as that implies that I was resting and since was not resting, but rather taking a break from the blogosphere while I was out of school for the summer, I probably should have used another word), I am now back in school for the start of my third (I cannot believe it, but it's true, I'm now a junior in undergraduate school!) year at Shepherd University.
My plan is to return to the previous format of posting nearly everyday with a little something different and lighter on Fridays. We'll see if my master plan holds out or if I will simply fall back into the lackadaisical habits of the past.

For those who care, the University is an absolute mess. It is buzzing (or should I say banging and clanging) with the sound of construction on virtually every inch of the campus. The sidewalks around the East Campus dormitories have been removed leaving a dry and desolate waste land of dust, gravel and straw. Why they would remove the sidewalks I do not know, but I certainly hope they are replaced soon, lest our desert scene out front be transformed into a mud pit by a moderate to heavy rain.

Also for those who care, we have apparently changed coffee providers. There was much pressure from the campus Political Action Committee (PAC) last year for Dining Services to change providers as the former coffee brand was not "free trade coffee." We have since switched to Green Mountain coffee. While I really don't know that I care if it is "free trade," I certainly hope it is better tasting than the trash they had last year.

For what it's worth, I thought I should also pass on that (as of now) I do not have a regular column in The Picket like I did last year. I believe that rather than allowing one or two people to pretend to speak for the entire right (or left) The Picket is planning to rotate a variety of writers into the spot. Supposedly, the plan calls for members of the University Republicans as well as the University Democrats to be afforded the opportunity to rotate in and out. We shall see how that works out.

Best wishes to any readers who, like me, are about to begin yet another school year.


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Good luck to ya!


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