Tuesday, June 27, 2006


For a little over a month I've been waiting for something to spark me to write. I have had very little drive to get on here and write. The "Rush Limbaugh" situation, as we may call it, has given me just that spark.

Before I begin, I should point out that I am not a huge fan of Rush. I typically find him to be a pompous and arrogant ass who would better serve us all if he just toned it down a bit. However, regardless of whether I (or anybody else) likes or dislikes him, he should be entitled to fair and equal treatment, yet this is not what he received.

As most know, Limbaugh was detained (Sunday?) for carrying prescription medication which was not listed in his name. The medication was registered to his (Limbaugh's) doctor and Rush's name was no where to be seen. With his past drug problems, the situation sent up a red flag and an investigation was underway. The investigation showed that the medication was, in fact, Limbaugh's and that it had been registered in his doctor's name because he wanted to maintain some level of privacy and hoped to hide the fact that he was using Viagra.

The press has had a field day with this. After the drug jokes and insults subsided, they began their taunting of him for his use of the "little blue pill." This infuriates me.

When Limbaugh's drug problem was first revealed a few years back, the press covered the situation religiously. The gave frequent updates. They joked and insulted. They were, well, the disgusting press which we are growing to hate more and more each day. Yet when Representative Kennedy (allegedly--we have no proof since there was no formal investigation) crashed his car in a drunken stupor, we only received enough coverage to find out that he was taking prescribed medicinal sleeping aids which caused the crash, though he later voluntarily checked himself into a clinic for substance abuse. But even this unfair treatment of a serious problem is not what bothers me the most.

The thing that truly bothers me is the privacy aspect of the whole thing. Lefties out there argue that abortion must be allowed to stand because we have a "Constitutional right to privacy." Yet when somebody they dislike (ala Limbaugh) dares to attempt to have an ounce of privacy, (s)he is stripped of their dignity and expected to be absolutely transparent in all personal dealings.

The very fact that this is a story about which I can blog is disturbing enough. Why can we not let the personal lives of celebrities be just that--personal?!?! I just can't understand why we must know everything everybody does at all times. Are we that pitiful that rather than live our own lives we must study somebody else's?


At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Jillian said...

Thank you friend...I should have known you'd comment on that one.

See you soon!


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