Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Raese: The Cure to "Bird-Flu"

First of all, let me note that I am blogging (sort of) from my Dell Axim PDA today. Other bloggers like to point out that they are “blogging via Treo today,” so I thought I’d point out that my entry is being typed on my Axim PDA.

Now down to business:

On Monday, April 24, 2006, the Shepherd University Republicans hosted John Raese, one of the leading Republican senatorial candidates hoping to defeat Robert C. Byrd in November. Raese spent about 35 minutes speaking and nearly 45 minutes answering questions in a crowd of about 25 people.

We had some trouble getting advertisements up (apparently there is only one person who can grant approval for posters to be posted on campus and she was mysteriously ill for the entire week leading up to the event). That, coupled with the harassment one SU Republican received when she tried to get our posters printed by the Audio/Visual department here on campus, resulted in a small but mighty crowd.

I expected that Mr. Raese may very well speak for a few minutes, then decide that our tiny group wasn't worth his time, but I was proven very wrong. Raese thoroughly discussed his platform and spent a long time answering questions. I was a bit saddened by the low turn out at first, but the small group were lucky in that they saw a much more intimate and personal discussion ensue.

Here is some of what Raese explained:

Immigration: (My girlfriend said he sounded like me up there) Raese explained that he views immigration as one of--if not the--top priorities today. It's more than immigration, he said. Border security is key to our national soverignty. Raese is opposed to building any wall on the Mexican border. He explained that he is greatly concerned about all four borders. He explained that he would like to see the IRs abolished (which would free up 100,000 US agents). He would tak ex-IRS agents and train them to work the borders. That would stop the bleeding. He also understands that deportation is simply not a reality. He likes the guest worker program, but like me, sees that there are some changes that need to be made.

The Iraq War: Saddam was a threat, he said, and therefore Bush was right to go to war. We must stay the course and finish the job. Democracy yields freedom, which yields a better world for all.

Taxes: Raese believes there are simply too many taxes on businesses and citizens alike. He hopes to abolish the IRS (or at least greatly reduce and simplify it) and make the Bush tax-cuts permanent in order to stimulate the economy.
Education: Raese advocates the use of school vouchers. He believes NCLB is bad legislation which should be repealed. He wants to mandate that 65% of education funds be devoted to the classroom (WV is highly rated and we only devote approximately 61% to the classroom—the rest is dedicated to bureaucracy).

Energy: Here is where Raese and I disagree. Raese believes the energy shortage can be solved by drilling in ANWR and off the coast of Florida and California. While I agree that we should drill there to solve the short term problem, we must also investigate alternative fuel. Raese believes we will always be an oil based economy. I say we can’t continue to be an oil based economy.

Big Government: Raese advocates nearly all government restrictions on business be eliminated. I disagree here too. I think we have too many restrictions, but that some (labor laws, minimum wage, moderate environmental regulations) are needed.

Regardless of our minor differences, John Raese and I are basically on the same page. He is one of the most eloquent speakers that I have ever heard. He has the image of success and I believe if anybody can beat Senator Byrd, it’s John Raese.

One Shepherd Professor (a very vocal Republican who, I believe, came here from a former Communist Nation) asked, “how are you going to beat Byrd?” Raese then outlined his campaign strategy: “I’m not running against Byrd, I’m running for West Virginia. I’m not going to talk about the negative. I’m going to emphasize the positive. I’m going to tell West Virginia that I can do better and here’s how…”

I was blown away by John Raese. One man said, as the title of this blog indicates, that Raese is “the cure for Byrd Flu.” I agree.

Consider John Raese officially endorsed by The Vent Pipe.

For more information on John Raese, and to see his TV ads, visit


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