Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Well It's About Time

This title is appropriate for two reasons. First of all, but probably less important, it is about time that I resume my 'writing duties.' I haven't updated since Thanksgiving and for that, I am sorry. December was a semi-busy month and it was good to take time off from thinking about politics and writing about aggravations and simply being restful and peaceful.

Secondly, and more importantly and of more interest, it is about damn time that Senator Spector did something that republicans can cheer. I've been following the Alito confirmation hearings closely. I watched as many of the opening remarks as I could. I have read the AP reports in the Martinsburg Journal. I watched a few of yestarday's happenings, and I am, indeed, currently listening to Brit Hume on FOX as he analyzes the morning happenings. I am beyond thrilled to have seen the clip of Ted "Jabba-the-Hutt" Kennedy being put in his place by the chairman. Congratulations, Arlen, I am proud of you putting your foot down and exerting a little authority over rogue senators who think they can brow-beat Alito as well as republican senators.

I, for one, did not know exactly where I stood on Alito. However, having now heard him speak gracefully, intellectually, and seeminglyh quite honestly, I am quite solid in my belief that he should (and must) be given a straight up-or-down vote and, moreover, he must be confirmed.

Again, congratulations, Mr. Spector, and keep up the good work of keeping Ted under control.

More later in the week...


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