Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Please Pray

The following was distributed as a handout in the weekly Bulletin at my Church. I thought it would be proper for me to share it and ask anybody who reads this to please pray:

Guinea (ASSIST News Service)

A baptism ceremony in Nzereokore was attacked Wednesday, October 19, 2005 by Muslims. They complained that the music from the service disturbed their prayers at a nearby mosque. Ten people were injured, two seriously, and several houses were sacked. The Muslims rioted again Friday evening and razed a local video store. Elite soldiers had to be deployed to restore order. Several guns were confiscated and a curfew was imposed. During the weekend some 100 people were arrested, with 56 still detained. Nzereokore is located in Forest Region of southeastern Guinea, close to adjoining borders of Liberia, Ivory Coast and Guinea. The region is awash with bored exsoldiers, illegal weapons and illegal immigrants. The wider region, especially neighboring Ivory Coast, is simmering with ethnic and religious tensions. Guinea is 85.4% Muslim, 9.7% African Traditional Religion (ATR) and 4.7% Christian. After decades of Marxist, pro-Islam persecution of the church, there is now religious freedom in Guinea. The Guinean church has embraced missions and in the past decade indigenous workers have begun witnessing crossculturally to previously unreached peoples. The Guinean church is growing, but in recent years, as Islam has radicalized worldwide, the Christian minority in Guinea has been increasingly on the painful end of a revived Islamic intolerance

Pray God will protect, preserve and strengthen the Christians of Guinea, blessing their witness for his glory and His eternal Kingdom. Pray his Son will set people free from the spiritual shackles that have kept them in darkness. Pray the Lord will empower pastors, evangelists and all believers with His wisdom, discernment and all-encompassing love as they deal with their Muslim neighbors.
No ranting. No screaming. No throwing a fight and politicizing this: I think it speaks loudly enough about the abuse that Christians of the world, but especially in these remote locations, are facing from Muslims, especially the radicalized wing. I find it hard to believe that NOBODY (UN, NATO, US Government, ETC ETC) is screaming about this. Pray that people wake up and call attention to this devestating situation.


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