Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Paris Riots

This is a little late, but her is my take on the Parisian Riots. This also serves as my column for the Picket

‘We will take the fight to them before they bring it to us.’ This bold and definitive statement by President Bush has been heard over and over again in defense of what has become known as the “Bush Doctrine,” a cliché for “President Bush’s policy of seeking out and destroying terrorists and regimes that support, encourage and/or allow terrorism preventing a devastating blow to the free world.” It’s safe, I think, to argue that it is this ‘doctrine’ that has led to the ‘left-right’ division of this country—those on the right, like myself, believe that we must hunt down and destroy the enemy before they get us, the others believe that we should sit and wait while a gathering threat prepares to wipe us out of existence and that it can only be prevented by ‘rehabilitating’ these monsters (and let’s not dance around it, terrorists are monsters) rather than simply destroying them. The division in beliefs on the proper way to deal with terror is not limited to our own national political boundaries. It extends far beyond our borders and into the global realm, where there are those that are “with us” and those that are “against us.” Since the initiation of this ‘doctrine,’ the French have, quite openly, been against us.

Now, though, the French find themselves in the midst of trouble. Many in the media call the recent devastation in France “riots.” They proclaim that these ‘riots’ are results of social injustice. Some even state that these monsters should/could be called ‘freedom fighters.’ I challenge those who take this stance. I propose that the recent events in France are not ‘riots’ fought by ‘freedom fighters;’ they are terrorist attacks launched by monsters—the same monsters who led the massive attack on America in September, 2001, who killed innocents on the subway in Madrid, and who attempted another mass attack on the transit system of London just a few months before. Now France, who so proudly rejected US policy, finds itself on the opposite end of the “Bush Doctrine,” fighting the war on the home front.

I do not wish to give the wrong impression—I am not blaming France’s problem on the fact that they did not join America in its quest to rid the world of a ruthless dictator in Iraq. I am not blaming their problem on not being ‘with us’ in our position on other rouge terrorist nations. I am, however, blaming the problems of France on their weak, typically left stance on terrorism. I also blame the devastation, which is now pouring across the French borders and into other European cities, on long standing policies of appeasement and tolerance. These idiotic policies have never worked. As Joseph Farah, editor of World Net Daily, a popular internet news source, put it, “…appeasement was [to be accepted as] the solution in Iraq…[and] appeasement was the [French] solution for Hitler…” Appeasement does not work. Tolerance does not work. Ridding the country of the scourge that has spread like a dark hand through the heart of Europe is the only possible solution, just as destruction of Hitler in the 40’s and destruction of Saddam in recent days were the only true and lasting solutions to similar evils.

European weakness does not end with their disgusting anti-terror policies, but also lies with immigration policies. As reported by the Washington Times, most of the trouble has been centered in areas inhabited by illegal immigrants from North Africa. These immigrants pass seemingly freely through the channels of the European Union, bringing with them the toxic stink of radical Islam and who knows what else. Through this ‘all accepting, let’s be politically correct and not offend anybody’ approach, Europe has allowed people who carry a belief that calls for the destruction of ‘infidels’ (IE any body who doesn’t believe exactly how these radicals do) to enter, reproduce and now threaten to seize a majority of the population. As some experts have pointed out, reproduction rates amongst ‘European natives’ (IE non Middle-Eastern Muslims) are so low that a ‘zero immigration’ policy would see the population of Europe shrink. In other words, immigration and reproduction of immigrants provides the dominant source of population growth throughout the European Union.

So what does all this mean? It means that Europe will continue to be pushed around by thugs until it puts forth a forceful resistance to this growing problem. It means that as long as the ‘flood gates’ remain open through North Africa and into Europe, these thugs will continue immigrate into the EU, slowly tearing Europe apart from within. It means that Europe, particularly France, must revamp its immigration policies to adequately handle the influx of migrants, and that they must also take a firm resolve against terrorists. And it means that we have an opportunity to learn from the mistakes that Europe has made in dealing with these difficult issues in order to prevent similar problems on our own soil. I pray we do just that.

That's all I have to say on this subject, assuming no further developments ensue.


At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Your favorite friend said...

Hi Jeffer. I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving break, and while it will be nice to have a break from you...haha...and everyone, of course (we discussed that the other day), I know that I will be missing you and ready to see ya again by the end of the week. Eat lots of good stuff....don't stop till ya look like ET. Love you bunches buddie!

At 9:14 PM, Anonymous Queen of Sheba said...


Do you know that is only Sunday night and I already miss everyone. I want to go back to school already, but if you know that if we were back in school I would be complaining. Hope your break is going well. Miss you


PS-I think I have finally lost my Ram card. Will check and see if it is in car. I got into the Shep game without because I was getting ready to find it and the guy was like "Your a student, 3 dollars" and that was it, so please look in your car and if you find anything call me please! I haven't told my mom yet. The plan is to tell her after she takes me to the new Harry Potter movie. Boy is she going to be pissed. It's good thing I only had 3 pennies on it left.

At 6:21 AM, Blogger Notta Libb said...

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Notta Libb

At 12:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your article is soooo off-base and it has several grammatical errors.


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