Thursday, October 20, 2005

""Equal Education/Pay Don't Matter Without Abortion"

What a headline. Unfortunately that is not the headline chosen by the Picket, (for the nine millionth time, the Shepherd U Newspaper), to describe an article in which a "Feminist Majority Foundation Member' Jessica Bearden uttered (almost) those exact words.

I asked to have a '' plug put into the Picket, but that failed, so this post is mostly for those who can NOT read the Picket on a regular basis. As such, I shall type the article in its entirety with as few mistakes as I possibly can. Here is the article from the October 19, 2005 issue:

Members of the Feminist Majority Foudnation spoke to shepherd students about Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers and her potential effect on women's rights. The Shepherd University liberal Women's Association sponsored the event, which took place on October 13.

Jessica Bearden, a Feminist Majority Foundation member, says that young people have a huge stake in who is nominated to the high court. "We just can't sit back and be happy he [Bush] nominated a women," Bearden said. According to her, Miers could affect abortion rights. IF Roe V. Wadeis overturned it will go back to the state legislators, said Bearden. She feels a state-by-state approach will take longer to regain abortion rights. Bearden said, "The young and very poor will suffer." She feels only upper middle class women will have money to travel to states where abortion is
safe and legal.

One student commented that the women's rights movement is about more than the abortion debate. Bearden agreed, but she added that equal pay and equal educational opportunities don't matter if women can't take advantage of them by determining the timing and spacing of children. "I need to be in control--not the state, the church or my partner," said Bearden.

The Feminist Majority Foundation's official position about Miers is still undecided. Bearded said she is frustrated the the debate as been that Miers is not conservative enough. According to her, the debate should be about whether or not Miers is moderate enough to represent the majority of the American people.

The Feminist Majority Foundation is planning a series of roles that will take place on Capitol Hill on Oct 25-27 and Nov. 1-3 and 8-10. According to Bearden, many conservatives and public officials think young people do not care about issues. She went on to say that those same people think feminism is dead. Her goal is to make them feel otherwise by having thousands of young people attend...

And the article goes on to describe how to attend the rallies.

I am highly disturbed (though some what vindicated) by Bearden's remarks. I've been saying it for years, and I've even published a previous rant about it (January 10, 2005): The feminist movement is about nothing more than abortion rights.

Equal pay and educational opportunities mean nothing if a woman can't decide when to have a child? This might be true, but deciding not to have a child should not be achieved by abortion. Execution of an innocent, unborn child should not be committed simply because it wouldn't fit in with one's career to have a child. That's disgusting, and frankly I am glad I am not a woman as I would not want this person (Bearden) speaking for me.

Another point: "I must be in control." This statement can only make me think of Ann Coulter saying in one of her books that, "the difference between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives believe in and fear God, Liberals believe they are, or should be, God." I MUST BE IN CONTROL (even if that means murdering a child).

One other note: "whether or not Miers is moderate enough to represent the majority of the American people" is a laughable statement. "The majority of American people" oppose abortion and gay marriage, two issues which we know 'liberals' (whether they be in the Liberal Women's Union or just the Typical Dumb Liberal Association) are all gung-ho about.

I'm not Bill O'Reilly, and I cannot use my 'clout' as a 'journalist' (well, just a freelance ranter really) to bring about social change. I realize this. But with what little (if any) audience influence I have I would like to encourage women (it has to be women, if not it will just be man trying to his position of dominance) to stand up to these idiots and tell them that there are more important women's issues than ABORTION...


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