Friday, August 13, 2004

"Uh, Uh, He just is"

One week down, countless more to go...

It's been a long, hard, but extremely productive week here at SU. The Ram Band has been working our butts off up here to get the show together and it's coming along nicely! I'm quite proud of myself and of the band, it's good to be part of something big and good--and cool! But that's not really what I want to talk about now.

I came to talk about the draft...No, no, that's Arlo Gutherie's bit isn't it? Sorry, it just happens sometimes...

What I really want to write about is the Anti-Bushism here at SU. While not nearly as bad as it could be, it is still quite signifacant and honestly that makes me quite sad.

The second worst thing in the world is a liberal. The first is an ignorant liberal. I know, I know, there's not much difference, but that little difference is just enough to push the annoyance level right over the top.

I had my first run in with one of these ignorant libs (we shall call them iglibs for the purpose of this little rant session) and it was truly remarkable. I had just parked my Jeep, which proudly wears a "Bush/Cheney '04" sticker plastered on the back. Suddenly, I hear a familiar voice say, "Bush and Cheney? BUSH AND CHENEY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??" So I looked back to see a member of the sax section (the scrawny less than beautiful, obnoxious one who has about 1/4 the ability that she thinks she has). I simply replied, "No, why would I be kidding?" In a truly remarkable flash of brilliance she says "because they are running this country in the ground."

Trying to remain calm, yet preparing to launch into full attack mode--you know, that hold nothing back, kill everything that moves mode--I calmly asked, "Stephanie, would you care to elaborate on this? In other words (because I had a feeling she was dumbstruck by my use of the word, 'elaborate') what do you mean by that?"

Now, I have combated liberalism for several years now, and I'm getting better at it. In my few years as a soldier for the fight against liberalism, I have hear varying tales of the evils of President Bush and his 'Thugs" and always I have been able to say word for word why this statements are common misconceptions. However, this time, nothing could have prepared me for the enlightenment that I was about to receive. With a completely straight face, and looking as if she truly meant what she was about to say, she replied, "uh, uh, he just is."

"Uh, Uh, he just is"? What the hell is that? I mean honest to GOD people, she didn't even try to use the typical lefty lies, she just said, "uh, uh, he just is." I was dumbstruck, I think I even stumbled back a bit. After the initial 5-10 second shock delay, I couldn't help it and I just burst into laughter. I looked at her and said "I see" and walked away.

Could I have done better? Most certainly! I could have lit into her about how "uh, uh, he just isn't," but I just didn't have it in me. I just had to laugh and walk away. Honestly, how does one combat such ignorance? This sort of thing isn't something that can be deterred with facts and figures, nor can it be responded to with truth-defining rhetoric. No, no, I find that this ignorance is just best left alone. Somebody who is that blind to the events around them cannot be helped. They are too ignorant, no--no, ignorant is too bright of a word--they are too S T U P I D to compute any information we may offer them...

Today's lesson? Ignorance cannot be combated. Everything that we have learned on how to help the ignorant find a path to truth and intelligence is a lie. There is no hope for these people. They are, to quote Mr. David Trimmier, "fundamentally obnoxious and best ignored."

Until next time...


At 12:48 PM, Blogger dc said...

Great to see a young student, especially in WV, who can sort the facts and make HIS OWN assessment using HIS OWN mind instead of hearing the opinions (not facts) from students and others that are/were spoon fed by biased university professors!


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