Saturday, August 07, 2004

Oh Yes He's Flipper, Flipper

Below is the recent Bush/Cheney '04 newsletter that gets sent to my email address

After seeing the Kerry Iraq Documentary, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said, "I think every American should see this." And in less than 10 days over 2.4 million people have!
Your efforts are making a real difference. The Kerry Iraq Documentary is fast becoming the most important and most watched documentary of the year. The Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby calls the video "remarkable," and Morton Kondracke, executive editor of the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, terms it "devastating."

I urge you to keep talking to friends and family about the video that offers the best response to John Kerry's claims that he is a strong and decisive leader--John Kerry's own words!
This documentary exposes the truth about his inability to be decisive when it comes to one of the central issues of our time.
Keep up the great work--YOU are making a difference. Be sure to check for new reviews--and to continue adding the number of viewers--and stay tuned for updates to the video early next week!
Chair of the Republican National Convention
Now, typically unless it has an unusually interesting title, I do not bother with checking out this videos, especially if they are TV advertisements and the such. However, today's video, a sort of mini-documentary, struck me as being particularly prudent to the upcoming election. As I watched the film, I just about lost my self control and began laughing.
John Kerry doesn't know WHAT he believes. My favorite part of the film, which takes us on a calendar ride from mid-September, 2001 to today, and then back for a look at Kerry's view on the first war in Iraq during 1991, is the section showing his interview on "Face the Nation" on September 14, 2001. The interviewer asks if Kerry will vote against the 87 billion dollars to fund our troops. Kerry's reply:
I don't think any United States Senator is going to abandon our troops and then recklessly
leave Iraq to whatever follows as a result. That's irresponsible!
Later that day, Kerry would go on to vote 'nay' to the amendment, truly TRULY stunning.
On another interview, this time with Chris Matthews, Chris asks Kerry, "Are you one of the anti-war candidates?" Kerry's response: "Uh, uh, Y-E-S."
So, let me get this straight, voting for a war, then voting to fund it, only to then vote against funding it, makes you an 'anti-war candidate.' To me, it seems best said that being for the war when it's popular, then changing to be against it when you see that Howard Dean (the lone anti-war democratic candidate in the Democratic Primaries) is leading in the polls makes you an 'anti-war candidate.'
Geez, the thought of this man being our commander in Chief makes my stomach lurch. How are our soldiers supposed to fight for a leader who didn't fight for them during his tenure as a US Senator? How are our troops supposed to fight for a man who served less than 4 months in the military and is now trying to play his time in Vietnam off as that of a war hero? How are our troops supposed to fight for a man who's three purple hearts came for wounds that required no hospitalize?
America--WAKE UP. Look at this man for what he is. See that he is NOT the right answer. Please please PLEASE be smart enough to look at the facts. Once you--no, we--look at the facts, there is no WAY that anybody could vote for this man simply because he is the best candidate. There is just no way. I guess all I can do is HOPE that Kerry is soundly defeated in November. Go check out this video at It's an interesting 12 minute little video and you won't regret watching it!


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