Monday, December 04, 2006

Couple of things

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First of all, Sissy does a fine job of summing up the impending Baker Commission report.  Let's hope Bush remains stubborn.

Secondly, I just heard of FoxNews that John "Mustache-Man" Bolton is requesting not to be renominated at the close of his recess appointment to the United Nations.  He seems to be facing the unfortunate reality that the Democrats were going to block him whether in committee or on the floor.  That's a damn shame.  I don't know that there is any body better skilled to clean up that crap-hole that is the United Nations.  It will be interesting to see how this pans out...

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Link via Drudge to Breitbart's coverage:

Perino said that among Bolton's accomplishments, he assembled coalitions addressing North Korea's nuclear activity, Iran's uranium enrichment and reprocessing work and the horrific violence in Darfur. She said he also made reform at the United Nations a top issue because the United States is searching for a more "credible" and more "effective."

"Ambassador Bolton served his country with distinction and he achieve a great deal at the United Nations," Perino said.

"Despite the support of a strong bipartisan majority of senators, Ambassdor Bolton's confirmation was blocked by a Democratic filibuster, and this is a clear example of the breakdown in the Senate confirmation process," she said. "Nominees deserve the opportunity for a clean up or down vote. Ambassador Bolton was never given that opportunity."

Perino said Bush had reluctantly accepted Bolton's decision to leave when his current appointment expired.

Bill Kristol points out on Fox News with E.D. Hill that Bolton has never been voted on, period.  He blames Bush for not fighting for John Bolton even though Bolton has been a loyal workhorse for Bush. 

Kristol also points out that Bolton was able to push much of his agenda through.  He worries that this "sends the signal" that tough guys who stand up for American principles first have no place in the Administration. 

Curious indeed.  Kristol further wonders if (and if not, then why not) Bush could possibly nominate Bolton for Deputy Secretary of State? 

With the speculation that Bush was a bit of an ass in his dismissal of Rumsfeld, I can't help but wonder just what is going on?  Turning his back on Rumy, and now the speculation that he is turning his back on Bolton.  Where's the Bush I voted for in '04?

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