Friday, December 01, 2006

'Lil Brother gets it right

My (soon to be) fourteen year old brother started a blog a couple months-or-so ago.  He doesn't post too much other than his daily life, but occasionally he'll do a universally interesting post.  Here's a clip of one from yesterday:

Speaking of Christmas and Christianity do you no how well the ACLU likes us? To answer this question let us take a quick trip to the western USA. IN the Desert there is a lonely cross that sits upon a mountain top looking over the dry valley below. This cross was built as a reminder of the first people who crossed the harsh desert with little more that the clothes on their back and their faith. SO what does the ACLU do to this monument? They build a giant plywood box and through over this lonely cross, so all you can see is he base of it. But wait there's more! Not only have they desecrated this monument but they are trying to keep the Nativity Story's trailer from running in a Boston movie marketwhich is supporting the true meaning of Christmas. Hmmmm, does Christ have nothing to do with Christmas. Or is this new commercial "X-mas" of fake pink trees, Santa's on the slim fast diet,and selfish people only worried about themselves, taking over our holidays.

Kind of hits the nail on the head, no?  Well written and quite straight forward. No mixed messages here!


At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does one define whether one religeon should be exumerated publicly in such a diverse society? How can Christians claim the fact that not displaying propaganda to make a profit is sacreligous? Religeon itself is very diverse in the fact that no two people share exactly the same faith. Jesus wanted us to go out into the community and help less fortunate that others with the mindset of not receiving anything in return. Religeon has been misused to attract the religeous right into buying products that supposedly coincide with values. This doesn't make sense though. My view of spreading the word of God is to take action in one's community rather than shouting a bunch of chants and prayers that really don't benefit anyone, but it does give personal satisfaction to the one propagating events. I don't know what Jesus exactly wants from us, but I believe sacrificing luxuries to benefit the less fortunate is the best display of Jesus' love. Symbols like the cross give a very strong emotional appeal because it makes one think about what Jesus sacrificed for us, but really what he sacrificed for us gave us the tools to sacrifice luxuries to show the love of Jesus.

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

Let me get this right...the desire to display a nativity or a cross is "displaying propaganda to make a profit?" Is that correct?

Religion is diverse. Our society is diverse. But the basic principles of our society (freedom, democracy, and Judeo-Christian Values) and the principles of a given religion (For Christianity, the idea the Christ was sacrificed to save us and that only through Him can we be saved) remain constant for all who participate in that given system.

Christianity has long been a source of charity work (that is, sacrificing some luxury--be it time, money or other material goods--for the betterment of those less fortunate) and certainly "faith without deeds is dead faith," but that does not by any means make "chants and prayers" (which I have never shouted) unneeded. You are missing the point. Christians believe that they--we--were made to be servants to others ("faith with deeds") but more importantly to God. Worshiping him is our ultimate responsibility, and that is done through celebration (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving), prayers, chants--though, again, I don't really chant--song, displays etc.


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