Thursday, November 09, 2006

This just in?

First of all, I did not know until late this afternoon that Rumy had, um, resigned? (Forced to resigned? Fired? Let go? Terminated?) While I am disappointed, the idea that Bush is throwing 'them dems' bone (which seems to me that that's all this is) is to be expected. I'll miss him and his no-nonsense ways which the dems so despised. (Let's stop and reflect for a moment, though, on the idea that such non-conventionalism was once celebrated in this country--Rummy was like a modern, right-wing, pro-military Walt Whitman. He was "the Republican's rude-tongue....).

Anyway, that's not the news story I just found about which I am quite thrilled. From NRO:

WASHINGTON (AP) Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., told fellow Republican lawmakers on Wednesday he does not intend to run for minority leader when Democrats take control of the House in January, officials said.

Good. Vote for change? Maybe that wasn't a call for a direction of this nation, but rather a change in direction of the Republican Party? Well, they'll get it. From The Hotline blog:

The Hotline has learned that Maj. Leader John Boehner plans to run for Min. Leader. A formal announcement is expected within the next few days. A source close to Boehner says that several dozen House Republican members have called to express their support.

John Boehner seems like a good guy. Let's hope he is...



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