Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Our own new direction?

A caller on Bill Bennett's morning show just called in to discuss the loss of Northup(?) as a representative in her state (Arizona?). She stated that she believes this woman lost not because of her own deficiencies as a representative, but instead because of the sort of "referendum for change" directed at George W. Bush. How sad. She also, though, says that she predicts voters will watch very closely as the democrats take control of the agenda and direction of this country and that if they do not significantly revert the current direction, the house will see another flip-flop in '08...Bennett also noted that many of the democrats who won are not "San-Fran democrats,' but are instead more to the conservative side.

So what does that mean? Will these conservative democrats stand on their conservative values and work hard for the agenda that they have promised? Or will Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi club them over the head until they fall into the party line? I don't know. What I do know is that if the Republicans have to lose the senate, I'd rather it have gone to Harold Ford in Tennessee than to Ben Cardin in Maryland. I do know that I'm watching with great anticipation the race in Virginia, hoping and praying that Allen pulls through.

Anyway, I read this via Glenn Reynolds yesterday:

"What does it tell you about a political party if in a year of epic disaster for
their opponents the best they can hope for is a 51-49 majority in the Senate?"

I think the better question is not to attack the Democrats for not doing better, but to step back and ask ourselves why and how did we--the Republican party--lose seats in the Senate, the House and the Governorships during the middle of the most important war of my life (keep in mind I'm only 21), a soaring economy, a deficit that is 1/2 what it was projected to be at this point and with the Democratic leadership all looking like they should be thrown in an asylum. That's the question.

The Democrats have promised changed. How? Where? What are they going to change? Those are questions that I don't think voters really asked themselves. They're going to change an economy which is soaring? By rejected the Bush tax cuts when they come up for approval in '07? They're going to win the War on Terror? How? By creating a time table? If there weren't so much at stake, it would be fun to watch as the Democrats try to do better...but really, what options do they have.

Personally, I hope this comes as a wake up call to Republicans. I am not the sort of Reagan Republican that many are, and so I do not scream and cry when Bush spends out the wazoo, nor do I throw a tantrum when he adds government programs and/or initiatives and/or organizations. And so with that in mind, it is not a sort of resetting of the Republican party mindset to echo the old mentality that I am looking for. What I want to see is a loss of this sort of "Holier-than-though" mentality that some members of the Party have acquired. This should remind Republicans that at the end of the day, you (as a Senator or Representative) are accountable to the people.

Finally, I hope that the Republicans do not retain Denny Hastert in a leadership position. I am not recommending a replacement--though I should because we all know that The Vent Pipe is where all politicians turn for insight and ideas--but I truly hope that he is not retained. Considering the way he acted over the Jefferson scandal combined with his negligence regarding Foley, the Republicans will only be hurting themselves by keeping him. They need a new face and their own "new direction."

I guess we'll find out.

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