Sunday, October 22, 2006

Homecoming '06

Shepherd University's homecoming was this weekend. I wanted to post a few pictures Saturday night but Blogger was (apparently) down. So here are some pictures:
McMurran Hall stands as the pillar of tradition at Shepherd University. The oldest building on campus, McMurran hosts various administrative offices and was recently repainted. In front of McMurran, spectators are gathered and waiting for the start of the annual parade.
.The Shepherd Ram Band marches down German Street to the tune of Rob Thomas' Smooth from this year's show Viva Santana

Following the parade, Dining Services provided a delicious pig-roast. It was 'fun for all'--except the pig tee-hee.

The weather was perfect; sunny and 60. The stands were also packed; the fullest I've ever seen. And, Shepherd won the big game--42-0, an ass-whoopin' by all accounts.



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