Friday, October 13, 2006

"He answers the phone...he don't actually talk, but he moves his lips."

More on that in a minute...

But first a roundup of what was an extremely short week of posting--actually, I think this is the least amount of posting I've done since school started. That can be attributed to midterms and plain and simple lack of time.

This week in review:

Now for the video. I originally saw this a year or two ago, but decided to revisit it today. This horse is just downright amazing...though I'm sure PETA would object to him being 'exploited' for personal gain:

On a questionably related note, did anybody else know that horses are now being used as guides for the blind? It's true!

I will try to be back this afternoon. I have a few things I'd like to hit on...namely the death of cursive, which has been covered by a couple of other blogs, but I have some observations I'd like to make. Also, though, I attended the Callaghan/Capito debate in Martinsburg, WV on Wednesday night, and I have a few notes to share on that...



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