Monday, October 30, 2006

'Patriotic Assassination?'

From WND:

WASHINGTON – An anti-Semitic white supremacist who conducts an Internet radio show says if Americans return incumbents to Washington in the Nov. 7 election, he may just have to assassinate them.

Hal Turner describes himself as "outspoken, opinionated and brutally blunt." The biography on his website says he was a registered Republican until this month, when he changed his registration to unaffiliated.

If that's true, he has fallen hard and fast from the Republican ranks.

"As the November 7 Election approaches, I decided to write a few lines to my fellow Americans about the state of our nation and the ugliness that may have to occur if the people who caused these problems are re-elected: They may have to be assassinated," he writes in his Oct. 27 screed.

In his "Last Chance America" plea, he also says: "If you re-elect the same people who have gotten us into the mess we're in, folks like me may have to assassinate them!"

Turner lists his beefs with the government:

  • curtailment of political speech through campaign finance law restrictions;
  • killing innocent people in Iraq;
  • that members of Congress don't read the legislation they pass;
  • that elected officials ignore the will of the people;
  • that politicians lie to get themselves elected;
  • spending is breaking the nation's financial back;
  • disapproves of USA Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act of 2006;
  • eminent domain ruling jeopardizing property rights.

Turner evidently believes the time is right for a violent overthrow of the federal government because the U.S. military is so overextended around the world it would not be in a position to defend officials.

"In watching the military campaigns of the past 25 years, I have come to admire 'surgical strikes,'" he writes. "When force is applied in a specific, limited way, the results can be magnificent. Such is my HYPOTHETICAL thinking for our present circumstance."

He poses the hypothetical scenario that half the members of Congress represent "problems" – a total of 267. He also sees at least three "problems" on the Supreme Court.

"Imagine if you will, teams of 5 committed citizens each, who were fed up with these 'problems,'" he writes of the assassination squads he envisions. He says it can be done with just 1,350 "committed citizens."

"Do you think that in America, a nation of 300,000,000 people, there are 1,350 committed citizens willing to put it all on the line to 'correct' these 'problems' and thus save the nation?" he asks. "I do," he answers.

Turner even has a name for his kind of political mass murder: "It could be called 'patriotic assassination,'" he writes.

As if to cover his tracks, Turner also says he renounces and repudiates the use of force and violence to affect political change – "for now."

In closing, just remember, you may be willing to live under tyranny, but I am not. You may be willing to give up your rights, but I won't let you give up MY rights.

"I don't want to see such an attack against our government," he concludes. "I have no plans (at this time) to kill anybody. But I can – and I am willing to – if it comes down to it."

The Washington field office of the FBI did not return a phone call about the matter tonight.

Oh boy. This guy sounds like an outright nut, although in his bulleted list of grievances he does make a few good points, specifically 1) that members of Congress don't read the legislation they pass; and 2) eminent domain ruling jeopardizing property rights. That, however, does not by any means justify the action he ("hypothetically") suggests.

When action such as this is taken, it undermines the entire system of government which it proclaims to be saving. Need we go back and explain "The Terror" of the French Revolution? Wherein a few radicals took harsh action to "purge the government" of those who are not seen as being patriotic enough?

And these kind of folks say Bush is undermining our government?

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