Monday, October 30, 2006

Wolf Blitzer shot down by Lynne Cheney

This interview has gotten quite a bit of coverage. I finally had a few minutes to do a quick google search to find the video and watch it. Here are some of my favorite parts. Please note that the entire interview was supposedly to be about Cheney's new children's book. So much for that:

(On CNN's Broken Government series)

Wolf Blitzer: "You're talking about the Broken Government series..."

Lynne Cheney: (Cuts in) "Right there. Right there, Wolf. What kind of stance is that?...We're a country where the economy is healthy...a country that hasn't been attacked (in five years)...that's not broken government"


(On CNN's playing of a terrorist sniper video):

LC: "Do you want American to win"

WB: "Of course, we're Americans"

LC: "Then why are you running terrorist propoganda?"

WB: "That's not terrorist propoganda. We show both sides of the news."

LC: "That's not news, it's propoganda"

WB: "Which is news"

LC: "Oh, Wolf."

Here's video courtesy of YouTube. It's a little grainy, but the audio is good.

Now way back in the days before Fox News, my family were all CNN junkies. It was on all the time. Even through 9/11, we remained loyal to CNN. Aaron Brown was awe inspiring in his (early) coverage of the terrorist attacks. Lou Dobbs was captivating. Bill Hemmer (now with Fox) was great. And Crossfire, even with its loud mouth James Carville and Paul Begala, was balanced with Tucker Carlson (no longer with CNN) and Bob "the dog-faced man" Novak (now with Fox). The one host I could never stand? Wolf Blitzer.

Kudos to you, Lynne Cheney, for a job well done--until you got to the part about the lesbian sex in your book...what the hell was that? "They are lesbians, aren't they?"...."Well", says Mrs. Cheney, "not necessarily." Not sure what that means, but still.

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