Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Free-for-all Time

This is getting crazy!

All the 'illegal substance abuse worries' have gotten a little out of hand. Here's a little story from

NEW YORK -- NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly today released the following statement with regard to the test result attributed to Montreal Canadiens goaltender Jose Theodore:
"Today's announcement will not impact Jose Theodore's eligibility to play in the National Hockey League, regardless of the ultimate resolution of the ongoing appeal proceedings before the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports (the "CCES").
"Mr. Theodore also will not risk NHL sanctions as a result of any future positive test for this particular substance within the NHL/NHLPA Performance Enhancing Substances Program because he made a timely and proper application for a Therapeutic Use Exemption for his longstanding medically prescribed use of Propecia. The Program Committee for the NHL/NHLPA Program granted that application after concluding that there is no basis on which to question the appropriateness of Mr. Theodore's use of this widely-used hair restoration medication.
"NHL sanctions would not be applicable for Mr. Theodore's CCES test result for the additional reason that such test was administered during the player educational period mandated by the CBA and prior to the effectiveness of the NHL/NHLPA testing program."
So now pro athletes can use hair-restoration medication without getting flack? Come on people, let's pull it together and focus on real drug use, not Propecia...good grief!


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