Monday, February 06, 2006

Sometimes I Feel Like King Kong!

My brother got the 'official' King Kong video game (that is, the one licensed by the film makers) for Christmas. While I am an awful video-gamer and do in fact prefer Nintendo, I've been playing King Kong off and on when I'm home from school. The game is really interesting and fun to play (although I do get mad and worked up and I think my blood pressure probably rises higher than it ought to).

Every few levels or so you (the player) get to play as Kong. That is the best part really. He can tear stuff up and break the necks of the big dinosaurs and break down doors and all that jazz. The most useful thing he does, though, is--as my brother says--'get his rage on.' He beats on his chest and roars and then, well, he kicks ass. It is Kong in this state that I most relate to.

I listened to a friend of mine today telling me how her education professor is having them go over 'white privilege' again. It is a common theme in this department--white men have, receive and think they deserve everything including but not limited to immense privilege which others (particularly blacks and latinos) do not every dream of having. I hate hearing it. I'm tired of hearing it.

It doesn't stop there, though. In my own education classroom today, we had to talk about how (again) white man is evil because we came in and slaughtered Native Americans. Our actions were "just as horrible as those of Nazi Germany." We forced ourselves on the Natives and we think we're better off for this. Shame on us!

I'm tired of this. Everytime I hear this crap I just want to beat on my chest, roar and start tearing people apart, just like Kong...

Today's Moral: It's been a while since I did a 'Today's Moral,' but here it is: We're (I say we're meaning white straight male Christians) supposed to feel bad for being white, male, straight and Christian. We dammit, I don't and I say none of us should. Ben Folds, singer and song writer, says in quite well in the first verse of his song "Guilty":

Ben Folds
Another guilty white boy
Won't you turn me in
I always had it easy
Please charge me for my sins
Ain't been through the slavery
Ain't been through the cotton fields
Ain't been through the back of the bus no 'cause I'm guilty
Ain't been through the slavery
Ain't been through the cotton fields
Ain't been through the back of the bus
oh oh I'm too guilty yeah yeah yeah

How long am I supposed to feel bad for being white? Male? Christian? Straight? I don't feel bad for any of this. If nothing else, I should be given a medal: Christian morals and law is what the country is based on. If it weren't for straight people there wouldn't be any people (somebody has to reproduce!!)
I'm white. I'm straight. I'm a man. I am a Christian. I am proud!


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