Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Proud to be a West Virginian

I am, for the most part, proud to be a West Virginian. What I am not necessarily proud of about being West Virginian is, however, our esteemed Senator Robert C. Byrd. Via Don Surber:

Bob Byrd delivered a 2,079-word speech in defense of earmarks, just in time for the end of the earmarks era. A Washington source said, “Senator Reid has agreed to negotiate with Senator Gregg about the Gregg Amendment. Hopefully there will be enough pressure to force everybody involved to allow a straight up or down vote on the earmark reform amendment.”

Just remember, Byrd delivered the last filibuster before the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed. Mr. Timing.

Although I disagree with much of what Byrd has come to represent, I can usually accept his arguments a little easier because 95ish percent of the time (that's a statistic I have just made up, just for the record) he backs up his position with Constitutional justifications. I'd love to hear his reasons for rejecting the earmark reform movement that has emerged of late.

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