Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Live-blogging: President Bush's Speech

Not sure if this is how a "live-blogging" session is done, but I'm going to do it as I see fit...

  • As per any time the Pres. speaks in front of the camera, Bush looks nervous.
  • 9:00: Good that Bush notes that Iraq has made progress though it has been overshadowed. Equally of note is the fact that Bush has already acknowledged Iranian influence.

  • 9:02: Bush notes that there has been a variety of input from a variety of sources in shaping the new approach. Again, Bush addresses that US failure in Iraq is a victory for extremists and for Iran. Baghdad is key to victory--a large percentage of violence is centered in 30 mile radius of city. Lack of troops has prevented success in Baghdad, as well as the restrictions for engagement with the enemy.
  • 9:04: The Iraqi government is to implement and deploy 18 army and police brigades to patrol and set up check-points. Majority of US troop surge to work along side Iraqis in Baghdad. US troops will "help ensure success when we leave." Why? How? Political interference prevented US invasion into neighborhoods harboring the enemy? "America's commitment is not open-ended." I hope Bush is serious about this--Maliki must stand up and say that victory must be achieved.
  • 9:08: "America will hold Iraqi government to benchmarks." Security by November? This sounds ambitious...Good to stress importance of sparking the Iraqi economy and political landscape. Reforming de-baathification laws sound similar to what happened in the Antebellum South.
  • 9:09: "We will accelerate the training of Iraqi forces." This is something we have heard before, yet we have not seen much of this reach fruition.

  • 9:10: "We will continue to pursue al Queda and foreign fighters." So far we've talked a lot about al Qaeda. Tribal leaders in the Anbar province are helping defeat the terrorists. We are working with natives here like we did in Afghanistan, no?

  • 9:11: "Defending territorial integrity...begins with Iran and Syria." Bush explains what we already know--Iran and Syria are supporting with manpower, training and weaponry. Bush says we'll "destroy the networks," but how?

  • 9:13: "We will work with others to prevent nuclear Iran..." How? We've not done much on this front thus far.

  • 9:14: "This is the decisive ideological struggle." This is an understatement.

  • 9:15: "Let me be clear, the terrorists and insurgents in Iraq are without conscience...deadly acts of violence will continue and we must expect casualties to continue...There will be no surrender ceremony." This is something that many still--going on six years after 9/11--do not understand. This is a new enemy and a new conflict unlike anything before.
  • 9:17: "We concluded that to step back now would see the collapse of Iraq...this would cause our troops to stay longer and face an enemy more lethal." Again, this is something many do not understand. Bush pledges to listen to Congress and make changes as he sees fit. Though the likes of Kennedy don't understand this, Bush has outlined exactly how the Congress relates to the Commander in Chief. Kudos to Bush for giving Lieberman a "shout-out."
  • 9:19: "The advance of freedom is the calling of our time." Bush praises the troops and calls for more Americans to work hard to protect the United States. This is one area that Bush has never wavered in--he always articulates his love, admiration and support for the troops he commands.
  • 9:20: "We go forward with trust that the author of liberty will guide us."
I am glad that Bush did not gravel before Congress in his admission of his mistakes. He was convincing and better than usual in front of the camera, but he did not speak with the passion that he has in front of a live audience. More passion always works better for selling an important point.

I also would have liked to have seen more said about the role of Iran and Syria in causing trouble for our troops and for the men and women in our armed forces. The trouble in Baghdad is clearly the fault of insurgents infiltrating Iraq from Syria and Iran with training and weapons provided by Syria and Iran and with intel and support provided by Syria and Iran. That is the single most important point to be made.

Now Dick Durbin is speaking:

  • "Tonight Bush acknowledged that we are not winning the war." He said no such thing...
  • "He has not listened to his top Genderals such as John Abizaid." A few months ago Dems like Durbin were complaining that Bush was only listening to his Generals and not to Congress or other outsiders.
  • Durbin acknowledges that the US has done much ("Giving Iraq so much") at a great cost. "Now it is time for the Iraqis to stand and defend their own nation. The government must prove...[this]" Isn't this what Bush just said? They must meet the benchmarks set forth by Bush et. al.
Durbin said little that was of any substance. He called for the withdrawal of troops rather than an increase to force Iraq to stand up. What if that doens't work? As Bush pointed out, we'll be back in Iraq spending even more money and even more American lives. We must finish the job now.

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At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's frightening how people like you simply soak up everything Bush lays on you. He's playing you like any advertiser plays consumers. You need our product because....

This is why our country is collapsing every day. Ignoramuses like you don't bother to get the facts.

At 7:28 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Fristly, I am saddened that you are so cowardly that you have to post anonymously rather than leaving an email address or link back to your page that I could addres you personally.

Secondly, I did not simply "soak up" everything Bush said. I believe I was (somewhat) critical of what was said and how it was delivered. If he, as you suggest, is an advertiser than he is doing a poor job...

And finally it is not people like me--who are willing to listen to the President and believe that as the head of our country he knows what is going on--but rather people like YOU--who had your mind made up that you were going to hate whatever Bush said tonight before you even knew what the speech was about--that are causing problems in this country. Our country is not "collapsing every day," and that is thanks (mostly) to the protection from terrorists that the Bush administration has provided.


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