Thursday, January 18, 2007

"IN Disaster, Renewel"

Instapundit hit a couple of days ago on the conference being held in DC this weekend to discuss conservative policy. NRO's Rich Lowry has more:

The Right and the Left tend to have different reactions to losing elections. The Left goes on paranoid benders. The
election was stolen! Dogs kept our voters from the polls! The voting
machines were rigged — and we have the lack of a paper trail to prove
At least judging by the 2006 elections, the Right instead
settles in for a healthy debate about what went wrong and what to do
about it.


The recent history of conservatism is that in disaster there is
renewal. Barry Goldwater’s shellacking in 1964 paved the way for the
conservative transformation of the Republican party. Jimmy Carter’s
1976 victory paved the way for Reagan. And Clinton paved the way for
Gingrich. Will Nancy Pelosi pave the way for something positive, and if
so, whom or what?

Now for me, that last bit is about as useful as those hockey analysts who say, "The last time it snowed on a Thursday in Wichita and it also was sunny in Seattle the Might Ducks scored two goals. So we'll see if that happens again tonight." Sometimes there just isn't a correlation. Still, the promise of something better after two years of Pelosi (as if it could get much worse) is something to grin about.

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At 11:15 AM, Blogger DoorFrame said...

Goldwater's shellacking may have caused problems in the 60s, but it won't happen again: Exhume Goldwater '08!


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