Friday, September 15, 2006

Nothing like a little...

jazz flute to add inspiration to an early Friday morning courtesy of the legendary Ron Burgandy.  (NOTE: This was SUPPOSED to be posted this morning, but technical difficulties with blogger prevented this from being posted).

But first, a quick review of a rather modest week of posting:

As per usual, please feel free to use this post as a place to comment on any of the above topics or anything else.  In the meantime, relax and enjoy some "yazz flute."

I have a busy weekend ahead of me (actually, it's all recreational, but it's still pretty packed).  Republican picnic tonight, Shepherd Rams Football tomorrow, and a band competition (I'm not competing, but my girlfriend's cousin is) tomorrow night.  I do have a review of a presentation on "Constitutional Follies After 9/11" to write and post sometime over the weekend or on Monday.

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