Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lamb Taco

After a week of eating the stuff folks try to pass off as real food all week via the campus Dining Hall, the chance to spend a Saturday afternoon in the kitchen (and then in front of the grill) cooking and eating is a much welcomed event.  After this past weekend, I can assure you that lamb tacos are just delicious. How do I know? 'Cuz I made them using a recipe from Bobby Flay. Here's a picture of the plated product (which, in this instance, was enjoyed with an ice-cold Stella Artois).

I made the sauce, the corn guacamole (which is quite heavenly, though I think it was missing something...maybe a little extra lime juice and some scallions?), and the salsa all from scratch.  The recipe is available on this page.  Be sure to get everything on the list.  (Just for those not good with conversions, the 4 cups of red wine vinegar is equal to TWO 16oz bottles. I had to substitute raspberry vinegar, though it tasted just fine.  Also, if you can't find goat cheese (or you don't like it) don't substitute Feta because--as good as feta is--it doens't quite mix with the rest of this recipe's ingredients).

Definitely take the 3+ hours it takes to cook this if you have the chance.  It's well worth the time spent. Happy cooking (and eating).


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